Chapter 29

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Marinette stared blankly at the wall in front of her, taking small sips of her coffee. She sat next to Tony, who kept shooting concerned looks at her. The rest of the team teleported back to Paris, while all of them were shocked at the identities of Hawkmoth and Cat Noir, they eventually accepted it. Marinette took it the hardest though. Tikki, sensing her owner's shocked state thought it wouldn't be a great idea to go back to Paris and risk getting akumatized to which Marinette agreed.

"You okay?"

"I guess so." Marinette shrugged "Where are the others?"

"Steve, vision, Nat, and Wanda are on a mission, Thor and Bruce are off-planet, Clint is with his fam and pepper is on her way here," Tony answered

"You had more to say. Didn't you?" Marinette blurted out the doubt in her head.


"At the meeting. You had more to say."

Tony scoffed "Yeah, I don't think I should give you a heart attack."

"Yeah, well. I don't care anymore."

"Don't say I didn't warn you."

Marinette huffed "Bring it on."

"Remember the day I met you?." Marinette nodded

"Yeah, the same day there was a robbery at the Museum. There were two things stolen, A necklace and a sword. Here's the thing, a few hours later the sword was found on a street but the necklace is still missing. Naturally, I was curious. So I researched a bit but I couldn't find anything useful so I got bored and started to decipher the book. AND BOOM!" Tony raised his voice, mimicking an explosion.

"I saw the exact same necklace in the book. It's the Eagle miraculous."

"'ve got to be shitting with me." Marinette deadpanned.

( Steve, in a middle of a fight: language! )

Tony shrugged "There's more where that came from-"

"Oh no, please no."

"Don't worry, this is good." Tony grinned, opening the book to a specific page. The page with the rules of her own miraculous, the ladybug miraculous. "You're a holder, but you forget you're ladybug. I don't think it's a collection of rules and solutions but the guardians' findings of the miraculous?"

"It means with my creative power..." Marinette's eyes widened as she realized what Tony was saying.

"You have to create. You alone set the limits."

Marinette looked at her kwami, who smiled and nodded "Tikki! Spots on!"

(cue transformation.)

"Geez, give me a warning next time." Tony blinked, going temporarily blind due to the sudden light.

"Sorry" Marinette grinned before she concentrated on her miraculous.

"What the heck just happened?!" Pepper asked from the doorway.


Weeks passed by, School had started and Marinette really hoped Alya and the rest of her classmates would come to their senses, but obviously, they wouldn't listen and on top of that, they spread many outrageous rumors about her that had somehow spread throughout Paris. Her parents avoided her most of her time, the relationship between them was only hanging by a thread, during these times she would turn to her friends or the Avengers, who were pretty much her personal therapists...and family. Pepper was absolutely outraged by the entire situation and wanted to have legal action against Lila, many others agreed, but Marinette declined claiming it would gain too much attention.

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