Chapter 13

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This part of the chapter isn't really chapter (There is a chapter down below but don't go there yet)

Hey guys! 

so...I have a lot of questions and it would be great if you guys comment your answers down below.


1. Who should I ship Nino with?

I had an idea to make an OC but I thought that I could ask you guys for any suggestions. (LookAtTheStars1 suggested MJ and Nino as a couple which is an amazing idea. to be rude but I'll have to turn down Nino and Chloe or raven/Rachel as a couple Because I'm pairing Chloe with John I'm really sorry 😭😢)

2. I'm shipping Peter Parker with Gwen Stacy. coz, oh my God I love them!  but, do you guys want me to ship him with MJ?

3. Gwen Stacy as ghost spider

I loved the concept of spider Gwen/ghost spider so I thought why not!?

4. This is more like an announcement

I might not be able to update for a week, coz I have...EXAMS!!! 


But we have holidays right after so you might get continuous updates 😉

5. All of this happened long before civil war, ok?

6.This is my first book, so feel free to correct any mistakes I've made ❤️😊

7. Peter hasn't got his powers yet 

If you do research you might find that Peter got his powers at the age of 14. And right now they're just 13 (I know it's a really small age but it's the best I could fit in with all the crossovers)

8.Marinette is Tony Starks first Intern

    That's pretty much. if you guys have any questions posted on the comments and I will reply back as soon as possible.

  Thank you 

                                           by aquaqueen2020

Now onto the chapter!


"we haven't really introduced ourselves properly" Marinette realized "Let's start with Chloe"

"Chloe bourgeois, Daughter of Mayor Bourgeois and also Queen bee, paris's is ex superhero"

Nino facepalmed "you had to say that"

"They had to know" Chloe flipped her hair 

"'re a superhero?! Isn't your identity supposed to stay a secret" Michelle questioned suspiciously

"Wait, wait, wait heroes?! What do u mean hero's?!"

"I messed up" Chloe winced 

"What happened?" Gwen said curious 

"long story in six words, I was a bitch back then" 

"you still are" Nino snickered as Marinette nudged him 

"OK continuing, I am Marinette dupain-cheng I am from Paris, college DuPont"

"Are you an ex hero too?"

Marinette nodded "I was multi mouse"

"Animal theme" Michelle snorted 

"How was that I'm not able to find any footage about Parisian superheroes" Ned exclaimed Typing rapidly on his phone

"it's strictly within Paris, we don't want any unwanted attraction."

"What are the super villain do you have anyway?"

"We'll answer that later, first introductions"

"OK....I'm Michelle Jones, these losers are not my friends"

"Then why do you hang out with them?" Nino asked

"exactly the question I ask every. single. time" Peter facepalmed

"I don't have any friends"

Everybody shot her a weird look 

"I'm Ned Leeds"

"I'm Gwen Stacy"

"Now that the introductions are over....let's partyyyyy!!!"

"Uh, No" Gwen deadpanned "I want to learn more about the Parisian hero's"


Sorry for the short chap

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