Chapter 19

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"Ok kids!" Ms bustier clapped, gaining her classes attention "Today we were supposed to visit the Statue of Liberty...but due to some problems we had to cancel the tour" 

The class groaned and yelled protests 

The teacher interrupted the yelling children "but since we aren't going there, Lila suggested that we should roam around in New York by ourselves! Isn't that wonderful?!"

Chloe, Nino and Marinette glanced at each other 'was Ms bustier trying to lose her job?'

Nino raised a hand, calling for the teacher's attention.

"Yes Nino?"

"Don't you think it's unsafe fo us to roam about in an unknown city? What if we get lost?"

"You kids do have phones don't you? You can use them. Besides you will be in groups of 3 or 4" She smiled 

 "what's that supposed to mean?! I don't think daddy will be happy about this!!!" Chloe threatened, pulling out her phone.

"Do you have to spoil everything?" Alix snorted "Admit it, you are nothing without your father."

Chloe eyes widened, a furious expression appeared on Chloe's now red face "how dare you?! You have no right to speak to me like that Kubdel!"

"Watch me." Alix sneered 

Chloe growled, almost pouncing on Alix but Marinette was quick to grab her by her shoulders and pull her down to her seat 

"Chloe calm down!" Marinette whisper yelled 

"Calm down?! How am I supposed to calm d-"

"Now that everything has been cleared" Ms Bustier interrupted Chloe "you can head for breakfast in the dining hall, Marinette May I speak to you? privately?"

"No." Chloe snorted as Marinette elbowed her 

"Of course Ms bustier."

"We'll be waiting by the door" Nino muttered before walking away

The blunette shook her head, her friends were too protective, It's not like Ms Bustier was going to murder her.

"Marinette." The teacher called snapping the young girl out of her thoughts 

"Yes Ms Bustier?"

"Marinette" she repeated speaking firmly " I do not appreciate this behavior of yours or your friends. I have also noticed that you have been drifting off from the entire class. What is going on?! I've also brought got complaints from any of your classmates that you have been acting bullying Lila!. Spending time with Chloe is a bad influence. Sure, she might be improving but she's rubbing off on you! I expected better from you! You were supposed to be the role model of the class, you're the class president!."

"Madame, you're right." Marinette answered, earning a shocked expression " I don't think I'm good enough. How about this? I'll give my role model and class president responsibilities to Lila since she's a better role model and will also make a wonderful class president, don't you think?


"Great! I'll go announce this to the class. I'm sure they'll be ecstatic!" She interrupted, grinning ear to ear before running out.

Marinette barged out of the doors, grinning "Class! I have an announcement. I am resigning as class president!. And since Lila has more experience in Leader ship and connections than I do, I am going to pass on this responsibility to her. by the way these this role take responsibility of..."Marinette droned on the list of things Lila had to do and the latter was turning paler with each word.

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