(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 10

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(Age 11)

“But why did he go to heaven?” I ask dad as tears fall over the brims of my eyes. I can feel the snot running down my face.

Dad bends down to my level, giving me a small smile. “It was just his time to go.”

“It wasn’t!” I yell at him, crossing my arms stubbornly. “I’ve only had him for a little while!”

“Licia,” He sighs.

“No!” I turn away from him. “I’m not speaking to you anymore because you’re lying to me!”

“Please, angel.” He wraps his arms around me and turns me to face him again. “It isn’t my fault.”

I unfold my arms and instead bring them around his waist. I cry into his neck. “Pumpkin was my best friend.”

“Hey!” Jase calls as he walks through the front door. “That’s offensive! I’m your best friend!”

I leave dad’s embrace and wipe my face with my balled fists before turning to face him. When I do my eyes widen.

“Oh,” He grins and starts walking towards me. “And I brought you a new rabbit.”

When he reaches me he holds out the tiny white rabbit. I look up at dad and he nods. I extend my hands out and Jason lets the rabbit jump into my hands.

“What’s his name?” I ask him in a whisper.

“Her name,” He corrects. “Her name is Fluffy because, well, you know. She’s white and… Fluffy.”

I look up at him to see him smiling sheepishly.

“Why did you choose her?” I wonder aloud.

He frowns. “Don’t you like her?”

“No, no.” I tell him while I pet the little white fluff ball. “I love her. She’s so cute!”

“I chose her because she reminds me of you.”

I smile at him. “Thanks Jase.”


“I’m excited!”

“I know.”

“But I’m so excited!”

“I know...”

“But you don’t know… You don’t understand how very excited I truly am.”

“I do understand!”

I shake my head. “No, I don’t think you do.”

He shakes his head too. “I’m pretty sure I do.”

“Nah,” I protest.


I stand up and puff out all the air I can gather. “You just don’t understand.”

He shakes his head while laughing.

“I’ll be back.”

“Where are you going?” He asks suspiciously.

“To steal the rainbow ice cream.”

He laughs again. “Good luck with that, dad demolished it last night.”

I start breathing heavily, swinging my arms dangerously.

“Deep breaths, Alicia.” He insists. “Deep breaths.”

“Uncle Jake!” I call out loudly.

“Fuck,” He mutters from somewhere upstairs as a loud bang sounds.

I start for the stairs, but before my foot can land on the bottom step I feel his hand encircle on my upper arm. He gently spins me around.

“Aly,” He whispers as his eyes search every part of my face. My heart beat increases as finally, his eyes meet mine. His head inches closer the tiniest bit before slowly moving back. He sighs.

“Jase,” I whisper.

He smiles a small smile, one I know that’s full of pain. “I’ll take you for your rainbow ice cream.”

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