(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 8 -Part 2

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Breanna's P.O.V

"You told her I tried to kill myself?" I scream at him in a whisper, throwing my arms up. Something I always do when I'm angry.

He smirks, falling down on the spare bed. His bed, now I guess. "I had to tell her something."

"And where do you staying at my house come into all of this?"

He laughs, shaking his head. "You need to calm down. Maybe then I'll tell you."

I glare at him, crossing my arms. "You tell me right this instant, Andrew, or so help me I will-"

He cuts me off. "Alright," He sighs. "I told her I'm the only one who knows how to calm you down when you go through your depressing stages, and so that it would only be helping you if I stay here."

"But... Why?" I furrow my eyebrows, falling onto the floor.

He shrugs. "Because I needed a place to stay. And now I have one."

I take the pillow that's hanging half off of his bed. I throw it in his face. Stupid igloo!

Alicia's P.O.V

"I'm so happy for you! This is so big!" Ella grins, jumping onto my bed.

"Me too!" Adie's grin becomes bigger. "Oh, wait until Savannah finds out! She's gonna jump you!"

The next morning at school Adison's proved right.

"I'm so proud!" Savannah jumps on me and I grab her butt, stabling us both. "You have no idea!" She kisses my forehead while I laugh. "Universal!" She screams while laughing. "I fucking love you baby!"

I laugh too, spinning us around. "I love you too!"

When Savannah finally calms down and gets off of me, I'm grabbed from behind and pulled into a hug. I instantly know its Breanna.

"Congratulations!" She whispers in my ear. "I knew you'd get noticed."

"Thanks" I squeeze her tight. "I wouldn't be here without the help of your support." I pull away from her and look at Savannah, Adison and Ella. "Without the help of any of you."

"All students please make your way to the gymnasium, where everyone will be gathering for a special assembly."

We all look at each other curiously before slowly making our way into the school. There goes the free fifteen minutes we usually have before classes.

Inside the gym is crowded, making it stinky and hot. I grab onto Bre's hand, who holds Savannah's. Ella's holding Adie's hand and clutching onto my jumper. This way we don't get lost.

When everyone's seated on the floor our principal slowly makes his way onto the stage. As he reaches the microphone the room falls silent. We all know better than to get on this guy's bad side, he can be very scarily intimidating when he wants to be.

"Right, we have only one announcement for you all today, and this is of our schools appearance." I turn my head to Bre and give her a confused look. She returns it. "All of neighboring schools," He continues, oblivious to everyone's confusion. "Have uniforms, which we think, makes their school look more presentable."

My mouth falls open as people around me groan and gasp.

"We've decided that our school should have the same. A uniform in which will present our school and make us look smart at the same time. And so, here it is."

Mrs. Porter, a math teacher, proceeds to bring numerous pieces of clothing up to our principal, Mr. Marks, who then shows us each peace, and explains which is summer uniform, which is winter. He tells us the prices, and where we buy them, as though expecting us to remember it all.

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