(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 28

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"Hey," I turn away from the fridge to see Jason shoving a cupcake in his mouth.

"That's appealing," I chuckle, grabbing the orange juice out. I take out a cup and poor myself a drink, only for Jason to steal it. I glare at him as he gulps it down.

"Sorry," He grins sheepishly. "I was going to choke on my cake,"

"Good," I huff and poor more juice into the glass before downing it. I look back at Jason who's staring at me, a thoughtful expression on his face. "What?"

"Nothing," He says too quickly.

I narrow my eyes and move around the island until I'm standing right in front of him, my eyebrows furrowed. "Tell me,"

"I said it's nothing," He rolls his eyes. "How did the girls take the news?"

"Good," I grin and put the juice back in the refrigerator. "I think Ella almost died from excitement,"

"Speaking of Ella," Jason says as he walks into the lounge room. I quickly follow him to the couch. "Kyle's invited us boys to his 'pad' tonight,"

"Right," I snort. "And that involves Ella how?"

"Because the boys have invited Ryan," He shrugs, flipping through the television channels.

"And us girls aren't invited?" I raise my eyebrow, teasing him. "I could have had a date tonight but I ditched it for you,"

His eyes narrow. "Not going with Tommy tonight benefits you more than it does me, Alicia,"

"Does it?" I raise my brow. "Because I was looking forward to it,"

"You said you don't like him!" He scoffs.

"Just because you don't like someone it doesn't mean you can't go on dates with them," I roll my eyes.

"If that's correct then we could date," He says, almost too-casually. I see him move awkwardly from the corner of my eye as he waits for my response.

"We could," I finally agree.

"Well how about we go on one tonight?" He shrugs, biting his lip. "As cousins, I mean,"

"You just said you were all going to Kyle's tonight," I roll my eyes again. "You can't just ditch your mates,"

"Why not?" He says quickly, turning his body to face me better. "You ditched Tommy 'for me', why can't I ditch them for you?"

"Because that's mean, and you actually like your friends," I laugh.

"Huh!" He says loudly, making me jump slightly. I turn my glare to his big grin. "You just admitted again that you don't like him!"

"I don't," I grin widely, raising my eyebrow. "Penn on the other hand..."

He narrows his eyes, his jaw clenched suddenly. "You said-"

"I'm joking! Sheesh, joking," I chuckle and jump off the couch, jogging to the stairs.

"Jokes are meant to be funny!" He calls out to me.

"Your face was funny enough!"

I hear him mumble something under his breath and I chuckle.

"What are you laughing about?" Dad says, suddenly appearing in front of me.

"Jason," I shake my head. "Such a funny bastard,"

"I don't see it," He mutters. He doesn't say anything further and the air between us becomes awkward, both of us just kind of staring at one another. Finally, he runs a hand through his hair and smiles. "Anyway, it's Dayna's birthday Monday night so don't make any plans,"

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