Black Pyramids 🖤 by yaagirlnylon
Black Pyramids 🖤by uni.yk
This is A simple book about a girl named Uraiah who's looking for that trust and loyalty in a guy. She was raped by her former boyfriend Ladarius, hurt by Camarion's wor...
  • urban
  • thuglove
  • fiction
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Natsu the Dragon King? by MalfyT
Natsu the Dragon King?by MalfyT
Its mating season for the dragon slayers and Natsu is feeling things for a certain someone. Will they complete the mating process? If they do what will happen? Read to f...
  • hiromashima
  • lucy
  • lemon
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Hi all, This is my first story in Wattpad... I was thinking to write on this site for so long and now I just grabbed the chance to do it so. This story comes...
  • destiny
  • chirpygirl
  • love
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Hacker by heartlesssoul17
Hackerby Aira
He's the most mysterious guy in the campus. Making money out of people's secrets, and sometimes, a few hacking classes. No one really knows his background, but everyone...
  • enemy
  • goals
  • love
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Revenge. (NEW!!) by Armouroza
Revenge. (NEW!!)by Sasha Richardson🌹
What would you do if after 4 years of dating a guy, you find out he's been cheating on you; with your best friend? I bet it wouldn't be anything like what Naomi did. Whe...
  • deceived
  • love
  • daddy
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Rouge by KURONEKO078
Rougeby KuroiAkuma
Izuku instead of a 'Hero', is an 'Outcast'. He is alone as he grows up, not caring about modern society. He is shunned, so he is not cared for, and closely watched. Inst...
  • decieving
  • deku
  • bnha
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Deception by MRJCE2003
Deceptionby MRJCE2003
A girl wakes up alone, confused and with no memory of who she is or how she got there. She is trapped in a strange room with two boys who are going through the same thi...
  • thriller
  • fiction
  • adventure
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He Owns The Bad Girl's Heart by hello31815
He Owns The Bad Girl's Heartby chloie31815☺
○○○○○○○○ Kathryne was a seventeen year-old girl who has a bad past that turns her into a bad girl. Breaking laws, fighting and the gang was her life, it started 7 years...
  • fighting
  • badgirl
  • gangs
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Veron's Thirst  by KiraReece
Veron's Thirst by Kira J. Reece
She told me to stop hurting her but I couldn't. All I could see was a red blur. I couldn't control it. I needed to quench my thirst. I sunk my teeth into her neck again...
  • destiny
  • deceived
  • passionatelove
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Skyfall:  Reborn Infinite Dreams (Fantasy, Supernatural,  Horror) by Fantasiarella
Skyfall: Reborn Infinite Dreams ( Ontiretse Mosome
Everything that was, began with a dream. Unexplainable danger lurks in this world.... Be dragged into the world of the supernatural, and the monsters that lurk in the...
  • angel
  • lettheskyfall
  • discovery
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Stars, Hide Your Fires by imafairytalequeen
Stars, Hide Your Firesby Fairytale Queen
"Stars, hide your fires; let not light see my black and deep desires". ~ Macbeth **** In a world where people rely on the past to find...
  • decieving
  • reality
  • rapunzel
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How it feels when you always feel that someone is around you? Someone is always following you. And how will you feel when you will understand that someone is always tryi...
  • love
  • pain
  • creepypasta
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Thick girl in a Skinny world *ON HOLD* by theonly_Yonnie
Thick girl in a Skinny world *ON Yonnie
YAKIRAH is a thick girl she had a best friend but he turned his back on her...... Read to find out the rest :)
  • shy
  • hate
  • lies
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~| |Cloudy - Skies| |~ by Haredesu
~| |Cloudy - Skies| |~by 🍑Kwim🍑
Everyone has there special someone, no matter the circumstances. There is always someone who lights up your life, makes the sky brighter, flowers smell better, and music...
  • leefamily
  • seoul
  • deceiving
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(Y/N), do you love me? - Male! Crossdresser x Reader by xxerrorOxx
(Y/N), do you love me? - Male! Meme me
Ranked #18 in #crossdresser ❤️ Ranked #15 in #deceiving ❤️ Ranked #57 in #Shoujo ❤️ - It was your first day at your job for a retail clothing store. You couldn't afford...
  • crossdresserxreader
  • trap
  • crossdresser
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Nafrat-E-Ishq [On Hold] by Ellmaimran75
Nafrat-E-Ishq [On Hold]by Aneeza Amir
This story revolves around 4 people and how they met each other. Everyday fights and taking revenge against each other. Time by time they started hating each other, but...
  • regret
  • hurt
  • hatred
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Fools Syndrome || h.s by ObsessiveFandom
Fools Syndrome || h.sby ObsessiveFandom
(Harry cover edit by hiraedth on tumblr/IG) Her mother always told her she was a foolish girl always making bad decisions, that one day she'd regret her arrogance and pa...
  • romance
  • harry
  • payne
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I May Look Innocent, But Am I? || Naruto Fanfic [Sequel] by xXAkatsukixLoverXx
I May Look Innocent, But Am I? || Ezekiel T. A.
(Sequel to: I May Look Like A Boy, But I'm A Girl!) After the day Kanji was kidnapped by her own brother Sanji, she was never the same. Her looks changed drastically, bu...
  • sanji
  • fate
  • sequel
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Promises, Promises     Descendants fan-fic by xXBaybeeAnnieXx
Promises, Promises ♡Annie LeBlanc♡
Ben and Mal have been married for a year now, and it's Mal's birthday and she just has to surprise Ben too after all he's done for her but Ben has has made a deal that c...
  • mal×ben♡
  • dovecameron
  • descendants
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I'm Not Who You Think I Am [SPN! Jimin X Reader] (Bangtan Fanfiction) by CrazyBookworm17
I'm Not Who You Think I Am [SPN! 7
There used to be two Kingdoms the one of Humans and the one of Supernaturals. They used to live in peace until Queen Y/N the First was blinded by her feelings and t...
  • btsfanfic
  • warriors
  • war
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