His Ten Commandments by lerynxxi
His Ten Commandmentsby Leryn Silvera
Tbh #1: "Pang-sampung utos, mahalin mo rin ako." -Third Larsen ||Mature Content|| R18. 01-19-18 || 08-01-18
  • hatred
  • option
  • risk
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Exit to nowhere by DezertFlower
Exit to nowhereby DezertFlower
Just a simple trip. Nothing more. Deliver drawings and schematics of a new aircraft engine in a sealed envelope. That was what her boss told her. Pretty simple, right? ...
  • hostage
  • love
  • adventure
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sᴇᴄʀᴇᴄʏ (вσσк σf яσℓєρℓαуѕ) by MochaMochis
sᴇᴄʀᴇᴄʏ (вσσк σf яσℓєρℓαуѕ)by 🥀 ˗ˏˋ ᗰOᑕᕼᗩ ˎˊ˗ 🥀
Multiple scenarios with an option of muses.
  • hetalia
  • anime
  • deceiving
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The Devil's Daughter by xXsweetieleXx
The Devil's Daughterby la belle 🌺
She was sent with a mission and a purpose. She was sent by Him. And she was sent to do bad. Cause destruction, chaos, and pain. To kill, teardown, and annihilate. An...
  • past
  • deceiving
  • fallenangel
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Fear | x Reader by -lovelyseok
Fear | x Readerby .。너를 사랑해
❞Smile, princess.❞ /-unedited-\ [Wattpad Version] ©-lovelyseok
  • jeonjungkook
  • taehyungkim
  • junghoseok
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Surrender by Smilesometimes18
Surrenderby Smilesometimes18
Lynn has finally accepted the person that she truely is. A gay woman. A lesbian... she doesn't care what you call it. She is just happy to not care what others think abo...
  • girl×girl
  • romance
  • erotic
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Kingdom Of Ashes by MrSweatpants
Kingdom Of Ashesby Hafsahaha
When her peaceful kingdom is attacked and her mother is killed by "them", Alissa wants revenge. She wants to kill them all but when she turns into one of "...
  • hatelove
  • decieving
  • action
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The Mafia Devil- Love or Hate??? by Aayu2000
The Mafia Devil- Love or Hate???by Aayu2000
KABIR (Vikram Sakhalkar): The underworld mafia king. A very cold hearted person with very less or no vulnerability. A perfect casanova and an arrogant, rude and less-spo...
  • romance
  • kidnapped
  • love
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Deceiving | Trey Songz (SHORT STORY:COMPLETED) by allmyhoespretty
Deceiving | Trey Songz (SHORT life of a virgo
Kimberly Pate is a Real Estate agent for Gonzalez Real Estates in Miami FL, she's been doing her job for 3 years now and she LOVES it and wouldn't trade it in for the wo...
  • killer
  • crazy
  • trey
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GONE | R-18 by Manunulat2002
GONE | R-18by CM🌸
What if she's GONE? Hindi mo mahahanap hanggat di mo hinahanap! Mirror mirror on the wall where's my beloved wife comes after all? (Some content are for 18 above only)
  • lust
  • twin
  • destiny
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Chasing Stars  by lerynxxi
Chasing Stars by Leryn Silvera
TBH #2: Breeze Xyclone Farr ||Mature Content R18||
  • cold
  • possessive
  • confused
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Venus Vol 1[Conner Kent Love Story] by Am3thyst1
Venus Vol 1[Conner Kent Love Story]by Amethyst
Some say it's a gift other say it's a curse. The power was a result of the murder of Valdus and Venus. When their blood was spilled, the earth became cursed That was...
  • batgirl
  • wallywest
  • superboylovestory
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Deceived by the mask by SharienaAngelyneAril
Deceived by the maskby NAYNE
Don't be deceived by their mask... Or else...
  • actress
  • mask
  • look
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obsessive love (Kim taehyung ff) by KimMichaBTS
obsessive love (Kim taehyung ff)by 미차 김
"I'm scared Please go this isn't love" "where are you kitten I love you haha?" "WHY ME?" ☢WARNING☢ if you don't like stories like this don'...
  • kpop
  • btsfanfic
  • scary
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Memories of the chosen book 1- The eternal war by liamkurt2
Memories of the chosen book 1- Kingkurt
The world has begun to recover from the last great war. However, a decision has been made and with it comes the beginning of the end. This story will follow Regis a for...
  • magic
  • mystery
  • action-
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Rouge by KURONEKO078
Rougeby KuroiAkuma
Izuku instead of a 'Hero', is an 'Outcast'. He is alone as he grows up, not caring about modern society. He is shunned, so he is not cared for, and closely watched. Inst...
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • mha
  • myheroacademia
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Friendship Series #1 : Our Friend Mirabelle by tjmsminnie
Friendship Series #1 : Our Sherina
"There's no way Mira would kill herself! She's a tough woman! Alam niyo iyan!" When five friends learned that their friend committed suicide, they decided to f...
  • frienships
  • apink
  • btsv
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〰️ Stopping darkness 〰️ - the eight kingdoms series by 1bookera
〰️ Stopping darkness 〰️ - the One Book Era
Everything was peaceful. But then they come back, the darkness begins again. Everyone forgets and mischief and pain arise as King Hayden takes the stands again.
  • return
  • happiness
  • magic
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Hi all, This is my first story in Wattpad... I was thinking to write on this site for so long and now I just grabbed the chance to do it so. This story comes...
  • deceived
  • romance
  • change
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Revenge. (NEW!!) by Armouroza
Revenge. (NEW!!)by Sasha Richardson🌹
What would you do if after 4 years of dating a guy, you find out he's been cheating on you; with your best friend? I bet it wouldn't be anything like what Naomi did. Whe...
  • college
  • cheating
  • ceo
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