(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 7

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(Another video of Alicia's voice for you all to listen to when she sings.)

“I don’t know exactly where she lives.”

I inform Jason as we both get into his car. I don’t get a response from him. I guess his niceness today has already gone passed its extremes.

I tell him the address as we pull out, and he seems to know where he’s going.

It’s an understatement to say that the car ride is awkward. It’s beyond awkward.

“Hey Ella,” I greet her when she jumps into the car.

“Uh, hi Alicia… and Jason?” She says it questioningly.

“’Sup. Wanna give me head?”

I gasp as Ella sighs. Anger comes over me and I push Jason hard. He swerves the car and I grip onto the door handle.

“You idiot, Aly!” He screams at me after getting the car back under control.

My eyes widen a little. He called me Aly. But the shock leaves me when the anger returns.

“Fuck you, Jason. Don’t talk to any of my friends like that!” I tell him as we finally pull up at Selena’s.

I follow Ella out the car. It’s not hard to see she’s upset.

“Sorry El,” I put my left hand on her shoulder. “Just ignore them all. Don’t even give them a second thought.”

She turns her head towards me and smiles. “Don’t worry, I won’t.”

A ‘get together’ my butt. It could pass as a party just by looking at all of the cars parked out here! Carly – one of Selena’s close friends – opens the door, letting us in.

“Everyone is upstairs.” Carla smiles at us and we both return it.

As Carla leads us upstairs I can hear Jason following us close behind.

She brings us into what I’m sure is something like a second lounge room. And there are people everywhere.

“Jason, my main man!”

“What’s up Jason?”

I hear many people greeting Jason, just as they do to Ella and me.

“Hey everyone,” I tell them all over the loud noises.

Ella and I join there circle. I’m next to Savannah, and next to her is Breanna. I’m surprised to see that the guy Bre was chatting to earlier on at the fund raiser is here, too. Ella takes the vacant spot next to Bre, who smiles at her warmly. I’m glad my friends and El get along.

“Where’s Adison?” I ask Sav.


“Right here!”

I look up and see Adie smiling down at me. I grin back up at her and she squeezes herself in between Brad and me.

“I see Savannah convinced you to come, too.” Adie laughs.

“Yeah,” I nod my head. “And I dragged Ella with me.” I smile innocently.

Ella’s head comes forward into the circle so that she’s able to look at us. “Unfortunately.”

We all laugh, but I stop short when I see Breanna isn’t.

“Brebre, you okay?” I ask her, raising my eyebrows.

Her head snaps up and she smiles. “Sure am.”

I shake my head no. “You are not. What’s wrong?”

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