(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 29

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Tommy holds me tightly against his body as we lye in his bed, and we listen to the murmur of his television while watching the sun set. I stretch as a yawn rises, and Tom buries his face in the crook of my neck.

"You were amazing," His breath is hot against my neck, making my skin tingle and my body react. His left hand begin to caress my naked body, from my neck, over my breasts and to my lower belly. When he finally reaches his destination, he groans. "So fucking good,"

"Round two?" I ask him, my voice a little breathless from where his fingers now are.

But before he can respond, my phone begins to buzz again. Jason begun ringing me just under an hour ago. When I didn't pick up the first time, he continued ringing incessantly. I quickly wiggle out of Tommy's embrace grab my phone from the bedside table. Jason. I quickly divert the call before texting mum and telling her I'm staying out tonight. I turn airplane mode on.

"Well I hope you don't mind if I stay the night," I bite my lip, turning back to Tom with a smirk. I raise my eyebrows.

"Definitely not," He chuckles before rolling himself onto me. My toes curl when I feel every inch of his body pressed into mine. He dips his head closer to me as he smirks. "You're all mine tonight,"


The next morning I stare at Tommy's body shamelessly while I struggle to quickly get dressed. His eyes are shut and his hair is falling messily over his face. When I finish getting dressed I grab my bag and car keys and lean down beside him.

"Tommy," I shake him. He doesn't move a fraction. "Thomas, Tommy-Jay,"

"Mm I wish you were using that old nickname when you were moaning my name," He mutters cheekily into his pillow.

"Thomas!" I scold him, slapping his naked bumb. "I'm going. You were a great booty call," I giggle as I peck his forehead.

"Thanks," He says, grabbing my ass. "Don't forget to ring me sometime, I'm always here if you want to talk about relationships and feelings and stuff," He tries to mimic a girl but he fails miserably. He peaks one eye open to look at me after I remain silent. "That bad?"

"Terrible," I burst out in laughter. "Bye loser,"

I let myself out of Tommy's house easily, and although his family are on vacation, I suddenly realize this is my first walk of shame. But damn, the walk of shame is worth it. Thomas was so good. Every. Single. Time.

"Hey," I answer Sav's call.

"Hey loser, where are you?" She asks quickly.

"Out, why?" I start my car and put my phone on loudspeaker. "What's up?"

"Out where?" She asks, almost sounding appalled. "You always tell me where you're going before you go somewhere,"

"I was at Tom's last night," I whisper quietly. "I wanted to tell you in person,"

"Tom's? Oh girl you cannot be serious," She says, her voice raising in excitement. "How did this happen?"

I think back to my irrational decision making yesterday in the car park and almost break my steering wheel out of anger when I remember the way Jason treated me. I grit my teeth. "It's a long story,"

"Well hurry up and come home," She demands.

"You're in my room, aren't you?"

"Your bed got comfier, I swear. And I found your Nutella stash, Licia, why do you hide these things from your bestfriend?" She asks dramatically, feigning hurt.

"Shut up, retard, and don't eat it all!" I laugh, turning a corner. "I'm taking your key to my house off of you,"

"Right," She snorts. "Good luck with that,"

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