(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 20

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A/N: Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that I'm changing the age of Alicia and most of her friends. I didn't realize I'd written her in as only fifteen, she was meant to start off at sixteen. So when it's her birthday, she will be turning seventeen. Thanks, guys.

(Age 9)

"Aly!" Jason screams from the backyard door of our beach house. "Where are you?"

I scrub my eyes with the back of my hand before calling out to him from my hiding spot behind our tree. "Here,"

"What are you doing?" He suddenly pops up in front of me, a block of chocolate in one hand and ice pops in the other. His face changes when he looks at me, his eyes turning soft. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," I whisper, rocking back and forth, my arms over my legs.

"Tell me!" He demands, falling down onto the ground hard and grabbing onto my hands, forcing me out of my position. My lip trembles and my eyes water again. "Please?"

"Miles tried to kiss me but I didn't want him to and," I hiccough. "And he wouldn't take no for an answer. He told me we would get married," Water leaks from my eyes. "And I don't want to marry him!"

"When?" His voice is low, his hands squeezing mine.

"Yesterday at school,"

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asks angrily. "Did he kiss you?"

"Yes," I close my eyes. "He tried to kiss me with his tongue!"

Jason's face darkens. "I swear I'll kill him!"

"It's okay, Jase!" I stutter. "I kicked him really hard and ran away, please don't say anything to him!"

He stares at me, his face resembling a man, much too old for a twelve-year-old. "I'm telling uncle."

"No!" I jump up and grab his arm, pulling him back into me. "You can't tell my dad! He'll get angry at me!"

"Why will I get angry?" Dad appears suddenly, his face amused.

I look at Jason, who looks torn. I try and convey through my facial expression that no, he really shouldn't tell daddy.

My stomach fills with butterflies as he turns to my dad. "Nothing," Jase falters for a moment before struggling to grab my hand and pull me away. "You're it, uncle Caleb!" He calls back.

We hide down the side of the house and Jason turns to look at me. "If Miles ever touches you again, he won't ever breathe again."

I ignore his threat and hug him tightly. "That's why you're my best friend," I mumble into him. "I love you."


"It's my birthday tomorrow," Jacob says, his eyes glued to the television.

"No it's not," I argue.

"Is too," He shoves a handful of chips into his mouth.

I glare at him. "Is not!"

He laughs, staring at me now. "It is so!"

"It's my birthday tomorrow," I state, my eyes falling back to the television.

"It's mine, not yours," He insists, throwing popcorn pieces at me.

I jump up, poking my tongue out at him. "I'm going to bed,"

"Make sure you wake up early and cook me birthday breakfast,"

"It's my birthday, Jacob!" I scream at him, halfway up the stairs.

"Sure," He begins sarcastically. "You're welcome to sleep over, Licia!"

I giggle. "I don't need an invite. Goodnight!"

He laughs and shoves more popcorn in his mouth, shaking his head.

"Jason!" I scream at the top of my lungs and I hear Aunty Stef groan from down the end of the hall.

"Jason isn't available right now," He calls sleepily from his room.

"Is that so," My eyes narrow before I turn back around and take the stairs two at a time. I run for the kitchen.

"Hello," Jacob says quietly while assessing me from his position near the sink.

"Hi," I smile innocently.

"What are you up to?"

"Oh nothing," I shake my head before running to the fridge and grabbing the can of whipped cream. "I'm just craving something sugary."

"Rightio," He laughs and I know he doesn't believe me for a second. "Well I know nothing about anything."

I salute him before going back upstairs to Jason's room. The whip cream hidden behind my back, I slowly creep towards his bed after closing the door behind me.

"I can hear you, Alicia," He's lying face down on his bed, the blanket half on half off, his hair a mess.

Without replying to him I jump on him and straddle his back, spraying whipped cream on the top of his head and all down his back before mushing it in with my hands. He squeals like a little girl and starts wiggling, pushing me off his back. He rolls around to face me, his eyes wide and shocked. "Are you serious right now?"

I bite my lip, but it doesn't stop the giggles from leaving my mouth. "You look so funny!"

"Do I?" His eyes narrow before he snatches the can from my hand and aims it at my face. "I think you would look even funnier."

"No!" I raise my hands in surrender, forcing my laughter to stop. "You don't want to do-"

I stop talking as my whole face is covered in cream, some getting in my mouth. Instead of retaliating, I sit patiently.

"Do you want me to stop?" He laughs wholeheartedly, making me grin at the sound of it. He raises his eyebrow.


"Too bad!" He laughs maniacally.

Eventually he empties the can on me. When I hear it's empty, I open my left eye slightly to see him. He stares at me in victory. "Truce now?"

"Sure," For now, I think to myself. When I talk, whipped cream goes everywhere which sets him off laughing again. I shake my head. "I'm going to clean up,"

After wiping my face clean and rinsing my hair out in his sink I head back for his bed. He's wiped his hair and back clean with a towel, and now he's lying down again.

"Move over, fatty," I jump on him before rolling over to my side, a grunt leaving him.

"You're the fatty,"

"That's really mean to say to a girl," I point out, pretending to be offended. I roll over and face away from him, covering my whole body with the blanket.

"Awe," He wiggles closer and wraps his arm around my waist, cuddling his head into the crook of my neck. "You know I was only joking."

"I'm fat," I pretend to cry and he chuckles.

"Your body is perfect," He moves his hand over my waist, and back up to my hip. He draws small circles with his finger, and I break out in goosebumps at his touch. He pecks my cheek gently, his breath fanning my face. "You're perfect."

"Mm," I mumble, content. "You're not too bad yourself."

It's silent for a moment while we continue to cuddle. I can still smell the sweetened whipped cream.

"Alicia?" He finally whispers when I'm on the verge of sleep. I make a noise in the back of my throat. "Happy birthday, beautiful."

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