(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 38

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I wake up to loud yelling and laughter. My body feels weak and I don't want to open my eyes.

Why are my friends so fucking loud?

I can hear Savannah squealing and Liam laughing, and I can only guess that he's teasing her in some way or another. I can hear Ryan and Breanna cheering him on, and Kyle screaming as he tries to work out what everybody wants for breakfast.

Mmm, breakfast. I could so go some eggs and bacon.

I stretch my body out and yawn loudly, and when my lower body throbs, everything hits me like a truck.

Holy fucking shit! I hooked up with Jason!

My eyes fly open as I frantically feel around me, trying to find him. "Jason?"

I sit up in my bed and my eyes find him immediately. He sits at the end of the bed, facing away from me and hunched over with his head in his hands.

Oh no.

I crawl towards him slowly, weary of what kind of mood he's in. Is he okay?

When I reach him, my outstretched hand hesitates. Can I touch him?

"Jason?" I whisper. He doesn't move or respond in any way, and slowly, I let my hand come down to rest on his shoulder. "Jase, talk to me, please,"

He flinches away from my touch and my stomach drops.

Oh God, this is bad.

I quickly jump off the bed and move to stand in front of him. He doesn't look up at me and my stomach drops further.

"Jason," I whisper again as I step closer to him. "Look at me,"

He shakes his head very slightly before lifting it up. His eyes are dark, narrowed, and I know straight away that he's angry. When his eyes meet my own, a look of pure disgust settles on his face.

Shit. I haven't seen that look in so long, and the sight of it makes me feel physically sick.

"Jason," I say firmly as I kneel down so that our faces are level. "You have to talk to me,"

"What did we do?" He asks quietly, his voice deep and clouded with shock and regret. "What the fuck have we just done?"

My mouth goes dry and my heartbeat quickens with anxiety.

He regrets it.

"Jason-" I begin but he cuts me off with a sharp, humourless laugh.

"Nothing that you could have to say could possibly change anything," He snaps as he rises from the bed and paces away from me. And then he turns back around and he's glaring at me. "What we just did was fucking sick,"

"Jason, wait-" I beg.

"No!" He snaps angrily. "I don't want to hear it! We both fucked up and I think we need to stay far away from each other,"

"Jason," A startled sob escapes my lips. "Please listen to me!"

"I'm gonna go to the shops and grab shit for breakfast," He says quickly, his eyes downcast as he now refuses to meet my gaze. "Like I said," He mutters as he grabs his wallet. "Let's stay clear of one another,"

I watch him leave and my breathing changes. My chest is tight and my head hurts and I think that I'm having a really bad panic attack. I stand up and try to take deep breaths but it's not helping, and I feel like at any moment I might collapse.

Suddenly Liam comes through the door, and when he sees the kind of state that I'm in, the smile on his face drops.

"Alicia?" He asks worriedly as he rushes to my side. His hands hesitate on either side of my body, a look of horror on his face. "What's wrong with you?"

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