(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 33

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"Alicia," I hear mom whisper as her hand shakes my shoulder gently. "We're home,"

I open my eyes and yawn loudly. I process where I am for a moment and realise I've fallen asleep on the way home from the concert. I groan slightly. "What time is it?"

"Way past your bedtime," Jason chuckles. The sound sends shivers down my arms and I turn to look at him sitting across from me. He raises his eyebrow, grinning tiredly. "I'm crashing with you for the night,"

I shrug and finally force myself to exit the car. Dad pulls me into his side and we walk towards the front door together. "Are you buggered, Licia?" He smiles down at me.

"Yes," I yawn again. "I can't wait to sleep. I don't think singing is for me if those events are the norm,"

"Unfortunately, I think it's only going to get worse," Mom says.

"Definitely," Jase agrees, holding the front door open for us. "Imagine when it's our own sold out show,"

"And when everyone's demanding interviews," Dad pipes up.

"And don't forget touring," Mom sings. "That will be a bitch,"

"Touring?" Dad raises his eyebrows. He looks lost for a moment before he barks a laugh. "She's not leaving America. No way,"

"Yes, touring," Mom says, rolling her eyes. "We'll see what their fans think about that,"

Dad glares at mum. "As her dad and her manager, I'm saying no,"

"Let's ignore the big bad daddy for now," Mom stage whispers, her eyes wide with amusement. "Why don't you guys head up to bed?"

I kiss both mom and dad on the cheek before latching myself onto Jason's side instead. We walk in a comfortable silence but as we reach the landing Jason hesitates.

"Alicia?" He says softly, stepping close towards me. I gasp softly for no apparent reason, blushing, and he caresses my face. "Can I have a sleepover in your room?"

"Yes," I grit out, angry at myself for allowing him to so obviously affect me the way he does. I turn away from him and lead the way into my bedroom. "You know you never have to ask,"

He doesn't say anything as I head into my bathroom. I stare into the mirror, my eyes trained on my still red cheeks. What the hell am I going to do about all of this? I'm not a damn actress, I can't hide my feelings.

I can't even begin to imagine how he feels. I want to hope that he feels the same way about me, I really do. And I swear sometimes I can feel it. But how can I wish and hope that upon anybody, knowing that it would put him in such an awkward, confusing and unmoving situation?

"You alright in there?" I jump slightly as he knocks on the door. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah," I breathe and pull away from the mirror. I grab one of my hand towels and squirt some of my make up remover onto it.

"What are you doing?" He asks quietly as he leans against the door frame and watches me.

"Scrubbing my face off," I chuckle. "It doesn't belong to me full-time,"

"Ah, I see," He nods his head and then falls silent, his eyes following my every move. When one of eyes suddenly become naked he gasps. "There you are!"

"Shut up," I giggle and rinse the cloth. I grab the brown bottle of make up remover and squirt out more.

"Here," He says and then he's beside me with his sweet smelling cologne and he's looking down at me with dark, hooded eyes. He takes the cloth from me slowly and guides me to the edge of the bath. "Let me,"

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