(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 13

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“So,” Mom calls through the door and I hear Stef clap excitedly. “Let’s see the outfits, then.”

I sigh from inside my walk-in, throwing Breanna a nervous glance. “I think I look like a prostitute.”

“You think you look bad?” She asks incredulously, turning from side to side while trying to catch a glimpse of the back of her outfit. “If my mom ever saw me in this I would be dead!”

“Girls,” Savannah says as she and Adison emerge from behind my shoe rack. They’re both dressed in their costumes. “Time to show off our clothes!”

“Great,” I mumble sarcastically, pulling down the hem of my dress. I’d chosen some character from Disney, yet turned it totally slutty with the help of Ella. I look around my walk-in. “Where’s Ella?”

“I’m at the back,” She responds. “I’m just putting on my stockings!”

“Well hurry up!” I yell at her jokingly

“I’m coming!” She yells back, glaring at me playfully as she walks into view. I laugh.

Savannah found her costume, exactly as she desired apart from the extra look the open lace down each side of her shirt gives her. She fell in love with it the moment she saw it and brought it straight away. It looks really good on her. Savannah begged Adison to get an outfit similar to hers, and so Adie brought a race girl outfit too. It’s a little different. It’s more colorful and has the traditional black and white checkered squares down the sides of the whole outfit. Ella chose a black and white striped costume with a little black hat on to match it, resembling somewhat of a sexy French police woman. Breanna had done the same as me and ripped off a Disney character.

“Common girls,” Jason knocks on the door. “We want to see!”

The nervous feeling increases when I hear Jason’s voice. I grimace at Savannah, but she only grins.

“You’ll be fine, let’s go!” She grabs my hand and pulls me to the door, the girls following us.

“Wait!” I stop her from opening the door. “Are dad and Jake out there?”

Savannah shrugs, repeating the question louder to my mom.

“They had good sense not to be,” Stefanie answers while laughing.

“Alright then,” Savannah opens the door and I yelp in surprise as I feel Adison’s small hands pushing me out of the closet. I stumble in my high black heels before steadying myself. I turn to glare at her. “What was that for?”

She shrugs, smiling slightly. “You were taking too long.”

I smile at her sarcastically before turning, expecting to see mom, Stefanie and Jason accessing our costumes. Instead I’m met with an extra three sets of eyes.

I pull my hem down again before running my hands through my hair subconsciously. “Hello.”

“I love it!” Mom breaks the silence. “They look really good!”

“That’s hot.” I look over at the guy standing beside Jason and recognize him as Andrew. I throw Breanna a side glance to see she’s blushing furiously under his gaze.

“I’ll just go and be,” She gestures nothing with her hands, talking gibberish. She looks behind her at my closet. “Go and be inside this beautiful closet. Yeah.” She hurries inside it, slamming it closed behind her.

“I’m definitely coming to this party!”

I groan in annoyance, turning back to face the four boys. “Liam you weren’t invited.”

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