(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 15

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I turn away from the bar and lean against it while waiting for the tender to make my drink. My eyes meet a stranger’s, and the man smiles at me. I return it, raising my eyebrow. He stands from his table situated near the dance floor and begins my way, a cocky aura around him.

"Miss, your ordered drink." I turn back to the bar tender and grin, passing him the money.

"Thanks, Mr. Bar tender." He shakes his head in amusement, throwing a cloth over his shoulder and grabbing the deserted glasses from my previous drinks.

"Hey," I look over my shoulder to see the man I smiled at, a smirk now on his face. He takes a drink of his beer. "Wanna dance?"

I nod my head, downing my own drink in one. A look of shock crosses his face before he grins, holding his hand out to me. I take it. "I'm Paul, and I think we'll get along just great."

I follow him towards the dance floor as Give Me Everything starts playing. He pulls me close to him when we reach the middle. I push my body against his and his arms circle around my shoulders. The smell of alcohol washes over me as his lips find my ear. "You're hot."

"I know." Usually I would never be so cocky, which increases my suspicion of being drunk.

My head suddenly starts spinning and I take a moment to clear it.

"Alicia, are you okay?" I face Jason while widening my eyes slightly before making them smaller, repeating the process in an attempt to rid of the blurriness in them.

"Back off man," Paul says, pulling me away from Jason slightly. "She's mine for tonight."

Despite the distance put between Jason and me, I still manage to bring my pointer finger up to his clenched jaw. I trace my finger across it, fascination suddenly hitting me. Jason's face is perfect. There are no pimples, no scratches or freckles. Nothing but clear, smooth, slightly tanned skin. His hand takes a hold of my finger, pulling it away from his skin as an amused expression crosses his face. "What are you doing?"

"I said get lost," Paul interrupts, his voice angry. "I called this chick!"

Jason turns to Paul and throws him an evil glare, his fists clenching. Even though Jason has had a few drinks, I can tell he's sober enough to beat Paul senseless. Jason grabs my hand, pulling me behind him slightly. "I don't think so. If I were you, I'd walk away."

Paul, realizing I'm a lost cause, finishes his can and drops it on the dance floor, shrugging. "Whatever man, I bet she doesn't even give good gobbies."

Jason's hand tightens on my own and he goes to pull Paul back, but I quickly pull him closer to me. "Wait,"

"What?" He spits angrily before his face softens.

"I want some shots." I forget the little event that just happened and pull him towards the bar. I motion the same bar tender over and order five shots of straight tequila, a handful of sugar and four lemons.

"Alicia what are you doing?" Jason asks, looking confused as I motion with my head towards Savannah who's sitting alone in a booth towards the back of the club.

"Having fun," I reply, shaking my hips slightly to the chorus of the song. I lead the way to Savannah, who laughs when she sees me.

"You are so drunk," She shakes her head. "I can't wait to see your dad's reaction!"

Her words are a blur as I put everything on the table, Jason doing the same.

"What's all this?" Savannah asks curiously.

"Body shots!" I cheer enthusiastically and her laughter increases. From beside me Jason groans. "Now where's this sexy boy you're in love with?"

"Would that be Liam?" Jason asks, smirking. Sav blushes as I nod. Jase points to where he's standing with Andrew and Breanna. "He's over there."

"Be a good boy and grab him for me," I push Jason towards him as I burp. I giggle, covering my mouth. "Oops!"

"Maybe it's time to call it a night," Savannah suggests, throwing me a worried look. "You're wasted, and it's already 1.20am."

"No, no, no!" I shake my head, ignoring the pain it creates. "I'm not ready yet. Now hurry up, lay down on the table."

Her eyes widen in horror. "No way, Alicia! I'm not doing body shots!"

I pout, my eyes going wide. "Please?"


"For Liam?" I raise my eyebrows suggestively as Jason and Liam appear beside me.


I frown, my shoulders sagging. "For me?"

"Alicia," She groans, and I hide my smug smile as I realize she's almost convinced.

"I promise to owe you!" I nod encouragingly as Liam smirks at her.

"Fine... But I'm holding you to that!" She promises while climbing onto the table.

"Pull your top up!" I instruct and she sighs, inching her top up a little. I roll my eyes and pull it up further, letting the material rest just under her breasts. Ignoring her protests, I pour a little bit of vodka on her stomach before doing the same on her shoulder. I take a pinch of sugar, sprinkling it on both spots. I pass her a lemon. "Put it in your mouth."

She hesitates, but after I throw her a stern look she reluctantly puts it in her mouth, leaving half of it sticking out. She let's her head fall back.

"Liam," I sing excitedly, taking his hand and pulling him closer to the table. I hand him one of the four shots and he grins.

"You ready?" He asks Savannah, who blushes slightly. He laughs, bending his head down to her stomach. "I'll take that as a yes."

Jason and I watch in amusement as Liam's tongue licks up all of the vodka and sugar. After nibbling Savannah's skin a little, earning a small moan from her, he guides his chin along her upper body, making his way to her shoulder. He does the same, licking her shoulder clean. He quickly lifts his head up, throwing back the shot before slowly leaning down and taking the lemon from her mouth with his own.

"Woo!" I cheer while throwing my arms up. Liam leans back up and Savannah slides off the table. I look at Jason beside me whose face is nervous. I throw him a grin, grabbing his hand and pulling him closer to the table. "Our shot!"

I lift myself onto the table as Savannah shoves her camera in my face. I wave, knowing she's recording. I quickly lye down. "Set me up!"

Jason bites his lip before slowly lifting my top up. He takes the spare shot and pours a little on my stomach. I smile as an idea comes to me. Snatching the shot from his hand, I pour a tiny bit into my belly button. From somewhere close by, Liam laughs.

"Alicia," Jason starts, but before he can finish I push the shot back into his hands.

"Do my shoulder!" He sighs, tipping some of the liquid onto my shoulder. I close my eyes and squirm slightly as I feel him sprinkle some of the sugar into my belly button. I open my eyes again, watching as he does the same to my stomach and shoulder, his eyes never leaving my face.

"Alright," Savannah says, taking Liam's drink with her spare hand. I pass Jason a shot as Savannah finishes Liam's drink, a grin on her face. "Go!"

Jason looks into my eyes, not breaking the gaze as his head moves lower. His tongue leaves his mouth and pokes into my belly button, licking up the vodka and sugar. I bite the inside of my cheek to keep myself from moaning, and concentrate on his eyes.

"Oh my God," I hear Savannah mutter to Liam. "This is so hot."

Jason's left eyebrow rises as he throws me a suggestive look. He doesn't use his chin like Liam did with Savannah, instead letting his tongue do the work. As he licks his way up to the small puddle of vodka on my stomach, my hands unconsciously move their way to the back of his head. His eyes continue to hold mine as he not only licks up the vodka and sugar, but also begins to suck on my skin. A small moan escapes through my parted lips.

"Alicia," He says softly, before his tongue glides towards my covered breasts. When he can no longer use his tongue, he begins leaving kisses on my top. I tug at a strand of his hair before pulling his head down slightly, leaning up and pushing my covered breasts against his lips. He groans, his eyes lustful. I lean my head back, breaking our eye contact so as to give him easier access to my neck, which he covers in kisses.

"Jason," I manage to moan his name through the lemon in my mouth. He finishes my shoulder, quickly standing up and throwing back his shot before leaning back down. His eyes move over my face before he brings his mouth closer to my own, opening it. The tip of his nose brushes against mine and I lift my body up to touch his again. Finally he takes the lemon into his mouth, and as he does our lips brush slightly. I close my eyes, my body reacting to our position in ways it never has before.

My stomach turns, and I wonder if it's the alcohol's affect, or if it's the butterflies Jason has created.

And then the moment's suddenly gone.

"Alicia!" The sound of Ella's panicked voice breaks my trance, and I sit up suddenly, the lemon dropping from both our mouths. My head hits Jason's, and I clutch it as all I can feel is pain. "Your parents have a fucking search party out looking for you!"

The pain becomes worse as everything around me seems to become louder. Liam takes my hand, trying to pull me off of the table. "We have to go, come on."

"Let's just stay a while," I push him away before quickly drinking the two remaining shots. "Oh, let's go to the strippers!"

"No, Alicia." Jason says sternly, his arms wrapping around my waist. He lifts me off of the table. "It's time to go home."

I pout, my eyes widening. "I want to see the exotic dancers!"

"Next time, I promise." One of his arms remains wrapped around my waist as he pulls me towards the exit. He turns to Ella. "Where's everyone else?"

"They're outside waiting for a taxi. No one's sober enough to drive, so we’ll have to come back for the cars." She informs him, smiling goodbye to one of the bouncers who hold the door open for us. "Caleb's going to freak."

"I know," Jason agrees. "Someone text her parents or mine."

"On it," Savannah says from somewhere behind me. "I'm texting Kasey now."

Fresh air overwhelms me as we step out into the night, and I suddenly need to be sick. I push Jason away from me and fall onto my knees, crouching over the gutter as what seems to be endless puke gushes from my mouth. I feel someone holding my hair back.

"Alicia," Savannah says, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear. "Just hang in there, the taxi is here now and we'll be home soon."

"I need Jason," I tell her, wiping my mouth and trying to spit out the taste of the vomit.

"Are you alright?" Jason asks, leaning down in front of me. I shake my head.

"Can you carry me?" My eyes slowly shut but I force them back open, only for them to close again. "I need to sleep."

He lifts me up without saying a word and my arms snake around his neck. I let my eyes rest now that I know I'm safe, and before I can do anything else about it sleep sneaks up on me.


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