(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 9

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Alicia’s P.O.V

“What are we doing for your birthday?” Bre asks me from the computer chair. “Any ideas?”

I use Ella’s leg as a hoist and push myself off of the floor. I fall onto the bed in between Savannah and Adison.

“Well,” I drag out before sighing dramatically. “I have no idea.”

Savannah suddenly drapes her right leg over my upper thighs and flips herself over so that she’s on top of me. With her arms outstretched on either side of my head, her hands holding her up, she grins down at me. “Pimps and hoes party!”

“Are you joking?” I laugh with the other girls.

She looks down at me, her grin gone and in its place her serious face. “I’m dead set.” She pauses, a smirk coming onto her face. “We’ll be able to be lesbians and have a reason for it.”

There’s a quick knock on my bedroom door. “Girls, Selena called and said she’d be here in fifteen minutes.” The door opens and dad walks in, still speaking. “The family is here for pizz-” He stops speaking when he sees what position Savannah and I are in.

“Um, hey dad. We were just…” I trail off when Savannah lowers her head and starts kissing up my neck. I know exactly what she’s doing, and so when she bites down on my right ear I let out a somewhat real moan, lifting my body up to meet hers.

“Caleb,” I hear Uncle Jake’s voice and immediately start pushing Sav off of me. But the thing is, I know when a joke is over, and Sav doesn’t. “We ordered a peppero-”

Jake stops speaking and I look over Sav to see him at the door, staring gob smacked. My dad has turned around, not wanting to see. Soon enough Jake turns around too. “Whoa. I’ll just be leaving then.”

“How come the parties are always-“ I hear Uncle Josh start, but never finish.

“Savannah!” I try and push her off of me. “Enough, common.”

She laughs, pulling away from my neck. She grins down at me triumphantly. “I gave you a hickey!”

Adison starts laughing her ass off, Ella already literally rolling around on the floor, and Breanna in hysterics.

“Can I tell Selena that the party’s cancelled?” Dad groans. “You girls are already enough to handle.”

“I quite liked the show,” Jason says from somewhere, and I can hear the smirk in his voice.

“Well,” I push Sav off of me, and this time successfully. She falls onto the floor. “I didn’t like being the star in it.” I rub my neck, getting all of the saliva off.

“Alright,” Jacob turns back around. “Time to all gather in the dining room, where together, we shall eat our supper.”

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