(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 2

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(Age 9)

“Jason!” I whisper furiously. He turns around to look at me. His face holds amusement. “We’re going to get caught!”

He rolls his eyes before turning back around and again, walking forward. I can see the lake from here, it’s just ahead, passed our holiday house.

This boy is going to get us into so much trouble! After a minute of hesitation I decide to go with him, anyway.

“Jase,” Despite my decision, I still try and persuade him again.

“Trust me, Ally; it’ll be worth it. You watch and see, I promise it will!”

Whether for his promise or for him, I’m not sure, but I continue moving behind him.

Under the moons’ light it makes it easy for me to see Jason. I watch his black hair flop messily as he moves around and sigh. The stupid things I do for this silly boy.

He abruptly stops and I crash into him. Looking up, I scoff at him.

“It’s not my fault!” He laughs a little. “You crashed into me! Common, we’re passing the front end.”

I look at the house and sure enough, we’ve reached the lounge room. Peering into the window, I see mom and uncle Jake laughing at something.

“Let’s go.” Jason takes my hand and leads us to the side of the house.

We walk against the side of the house until we come to the window.

“What now, genius?” I ask.

Suddenly he lets go of my hand and bolts full forward, running past the window like a maniac.

My mouth falls open. “Idiot!” I hiss.

He motions for me to do the same, but I’m not stupid, and so instead I make my way over to the bushes opposite the house. Moving just beyond them so that if mom or uncle Jake look out the window they won’t see me, I carefully make my way towards the lake.

“BOO!” Someone whispers behind me and I scream.

A hand instantly goes over my mouth and then I’m being spun around. I look up at the suspect to find a smirking Jason.

He removes his hand once I know it’s only him and I take the chance to shove him. I feel tears come to my eyes as I cross my arms over my chest. He really scared me!

“Aw, I’m sorry!” He tells me, his face scrunching up in worry.

I turn away from him, showing that I’m annoyed.

“Ally, common. I was just kidding around.” He says sincerely.

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