(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 25

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"Mom do you want to go to the movies tonight?" I ask as I walk into the kitchen. Mom's standing by the sink, shoving Nutella into her mouth by the spoonful. I cringe. "I thought you hated Nutella."

She suddenly looks innocent, her eyes wide with chocolate smeared all around her mouth. "I'd never tried it, and then I got a craving and it's so good Alicia,"

"Rightio," I forcefully take the spoon away from her and she pouts. "Have some water, mom."

"Fine," She puffs and gulps down the glass of water I handed her. When she finishes she smiles in satisfaction. "Nutella and water, that's good. What do you want to watch?"

I jump up onto the counter. "Runner Runner,"

"Anything that involves Justin Timberlake, I'm down for," She smirks. "What time is it on? Dad has practice tonight and he wants you to go with him,"

"Tonight's sessions are four, six, eight, ten and eleven forty-five," I read from my beautiful, unscathed, pink iPhone.

"We'll go straight after school at four? Practice is at seven,"

"Done," I jump off the counter and kiss her cheek before kissing her belly. "See you later, love you,"

"We love you too,"

I grab my backpack from the hallway and my keys off the hook.

"Where are you going?" Dad says from the bottom of the stairs.

"School, dad, you've slept in and it's twenty to nine,"

"Fuck," He runs back upstairs, taking them two at a time and I laugh. I hear a thump before he yells "Love you kiddo!"

"Love you too, idiot,"


"Alicia I can't get over the sex," I watch from my position against my locker as Savannah hits herself on her head. "You were right, Licia, I don't know how I'm gonna get over him at all,"

"You need to get with someone else!" I tell her honestly. "Go ask Tommy out, I told him just before I couldn't go on the date,"

"So you actually did what Jason asked of you?" She stops hitting herself and raises her eyebrow.

"Well, yeah," I shrug. "I mean, I told you everything that happened with him and uncle Jake and now..."

"Now you think you like your cousin." She laughs.

"He's not my cousin!" I whisper in annoyance.

"I know!" She giggles again. "I'm just teasing you. But like I didn't listen to you, you didn't listen to me either. I told you there was something there,"

"It could be a one-way thing, Sav,"

"He likes you, Alicia," She rolls her eyes. "Trust me."

"But he thinks we're cousins," I explain for what feels like the fiftieth time.

"I know," She frowns. "Why don't you just tell him he's adopted?"

"I can't, Savannah," I sigh. "It's not my place and it would completely ruin..." I trail off mid sentence when Penn walks in through the front doors of the school. He's limping slightly, his right eye is black and blue and his nose looks slightly out of place.

"Do you see what I see?" Savannah asks quietly.

"Of course I fucking do," I growl before kicking off my locker and running in the direction of Jason's. I hear Savannah follow after me.

"Jase!" I yell to gain his attention. He's surrounded by his normal crowd of boys and when he hears me he stops laughing and quickly turns around. I glare at him. "What the hell did you do?"

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