(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 37

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Thank God for Savannah.

Before the bottle had a chance to land on me again, my best friend threw a tantrum claiming that she was over the game because it was too boring.

Anyone who knows Savannah at all would know that she was lying like a little bitch.

Again, thank God nobody questioned her or fought against ending the game; it means I don't have to answer to Jason.


Ryan hurries to set up the movie, shoving the DVD into the player and grabbing the remotes. "I want a good spot!"

"Right next to your girlfriend, mate," Andy grins. "Unless you'd prefer to cuddle with me?"

"As tempting as that sounds," Ryan rolls his eyes. "I'd much prefer Ella,"

I laugh with everyone at the banter between the two of them.

"And I'd much prefer you stay with me," Breanna grins, and I think the amount of alcohol and drugs she's consumed has caught up to her again.

"Come here, you little brat," Andrew sighs and opens his arms.

"This is fun as shit," Adie says as she shoves more chips in her mouth. "Having a massive sleepover,"

"It's a little too cute for my liking," Liam scoffs. "Give me those chips,"

"No way," Adison snorts. "Get your own, you sooky cow,"

Liam suddenly leans over Kyle and quickly snatches the packet of chips from Adison. "You're too slow,"

"Give those back!" Adison demands. "I was eating them!"

"Too bad," Liam mumbles through a mouthful of food. I watch him as he glances at Jason, who sits between him and Savannah. "Move,"

Jase raises his eyebrows. "Sorry?"

"I want to be next to Savannah," Liam snaps at his best friend. "So move,"

"Maybe I want to be next to Savannah," Jason says seriously, and a feeling of intense jealousy sweeps over me.

"You don't," Liam argues. "You're just cockblocking,"

"You're not getting anything," Savannah pipes up, snorting at Liam. "So I don't know how you think he's cockblocking,"

"If you guys don't shut up I'm going to pummel you all with eggs," Ella threatens seriously.

"Yeah, come on guys," Kyle whines. "The movie is about to start,"

"Move," Liam shoves Jason. "Go and lay with your cousin," He nods at me. "She's all alone," He points out before smirking. "Unless you want me to lay with her?"

I throw a look of disgust at Liam.

He fucking wishes.

I glance at Savannah to see she's already grinning at me. But I know Liam's joke would have upset Savannah in one way or another.

Because Jason's comment about Savannah upset me, even though I know he was only saying it to get a reaction out of Liam.

I shrug at Savannah and she stands up quickly. "How about you two get each other off while I cuddle my girl,"

I grin back at Savannah as she rushes to lay beside me. Jason scoffs at me as Liam wraps his arms around him. "I'm down with cuddling my boo,"

"I always knew you were gay," I sigh sadly. "Sorry, Sav. Looks like you need to find a new crush,"

"Shut up," Savannah blushes horribly.

"Hey!" Liam snaps. "I am not gay," He says sternly. "I'm bi-curious,"

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