(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 26

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Adison's POV

"I was thinking of moving out of mom and dad's," Kyle says as he watches our laced hands, playing with my fingers.

"What do you mean?" I shake my head. "That's crazy, where would you go?"

"I was considering my Aunty's, a couple of suburbs away," He looks up at me, his deep brown eyes secretive. "But I came up with an even better idea. Come, I have a surprise for you,"

I let him help me up from the ground and he drags me away from our tree and off of the park's premises. "Kyle," He ignores me and gets into the driver's side of his car. I huff and get in beside him. "Kyle!"

"Yes?" He finally replies when we're driving down the main road.

"Where exactly are we going? We can't be seen!"

"You don't have to worry about us being seen together in this area anymore," He grins happily at me, his eyes bright.

"Just because you turned eighteen a couple of days ago it doesn't mean everything's okay now," I frown and turn to look out the window.

"Yes it does," He growls. "I'll be damned if I let our parents keep us apart over something so ridiculous such as their car park feud!"

"Kyle," I sigh and reach over to squeeze his leg. "You know that will never happen, but I'm only seventeen still. And besides, our age has nothing to do with anything. They won't let us be together plain and simple,"

"My parents no longer have any control over me," He assures as he pulls up to the curb of an apartment block.

"What are we doing here?" I shake my head slowly in confusion as I take in the tall, extravagant building before us.

"I brought a flat," He says quickly and my eyes widen. He quickly raises his hand as though he's surrendering. "Don't freak out!"

"What do you mean you brought a flat? Kyle! I can't just come and live with you!"

"I'm not asking you to," He shrugs and jumps out of the car.

"Kyle, stop," He doesn't listen to me and continues to walk onwards and into the building, knowing I'll follow him. "This is ridiculous," I mutter to myself, entering the foyer.

I spot Kyle waiting impatiently by the elevators. When he sees me he ushers me over, and when I reach him he grabs my hand and raises his eyebrow. "How about smiling?"

I don't say anything as we enter the lift and he presses the button for the eighth floor. He swings his car keys around his finger, grinning in excitement. I feel my body involuntarily loosen due to his calm and carefree attitude and I sigh quietly. "This is crazy,"

"No," He disagrees as we exit and he goes to the door on the far left of the hallway. He opens the door with a new key that I haven't seen before and turns to me, smiling brightly and holding his arm out. "This is home,"

"Kyle," I whisper. The door opens up to a large living space with a kitchen behind it. The apartment has been fully furnished personally by Kyle, judging from the couch that use to sit in his lounge room at his parent's house. Further on there's a hallway that must lead to the bedroom and bathroom.

"Well it's my home, anyway," He shrugs, a shy look on his face now. "Hopefully only until you turn eighteen,"

"How did you manage this? What about your parents?" I ask as I fall onto the couch, it's softness enveloping me.

"I spoke to my Nan's lawyer and she sorted things out so that I could access one million," He bites his lip. "I know Nan would be proud of me for finally sticking up to them, I just hope they come around,"

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