(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 4

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“You know, these family evenings together are really wasting my Monday nights.”

I jokingly complain as I shove another potato into my mouth. I try hard not to brush my arm against Jason’s. If only the idiot hadn’t been late, then he wouldn’t have gotten stuck next to me. Mom and dad had decided to take us to this new restaurant a few suburbs over.

Josh snorts as Jacob rolls his eyes.

“What better things are there to do on a Monday night? You have school tomorrow.”

Dad tells me with a huge smile. I don’t know why, but he’s been so overly happy these past couple of days… It must be the affects of on-coming old age.


Mom pushes dad from her seat beside him. Both her Stefanie are in hysterics.

“You can’t talk! You’d be out at all hours of any day partying! And anyway, Alicia doesn’t go tomorrow.”

Dad snorts.

“You have it wrong, babe. We threw the parties!”

Jacob shakes his head no.

“You have it wrong, too Caleb!” He laughs. “We were the parties!”

This time I snort, but it backfires when I start to choke on my pumpkin. I feel my airways start to close as tears come to my eyes. Despite almost dieing, I still manage to laugh.

Someone hits my back a few times, hard, but it helps. Dayna in front of me passes me a glass of water. I nod in thanks.

“Way to almost kill yourself, stupid.”

I look to the right of me and glare at Jason. He’d said it under his breath, but I still heard him. Even though he just possibly saved my life, I still cuss him out… In my head. No way am I thanking him!

“What? You don’t believe we were the hottest things walking?” Jacob asks me. “We were like sex on legs!”

I spit my water out into my food as a fit of laughter comes.

“Oh, trust me,” I chuckle. “I believe you. I’ve seen pictures!”

I take another drink of water.

“You were all quite the lookers! But what I also believe,” I continue. “Is that you’re all living in the past.”

There were a few snorts and eye rolls and I chuckle again.

“Food not as good as mine?”

Jacob asks me.

“You didn’t have to hurt their feelings by spitting water in it. Don’t worry, I’ll cook you some garlic chicken at home, you can stay at our house.”

He tells me and I shake my head no.


I swallow my beans.

“As of a few days ago, I’m now a vegetarian. Why do you think I ordered vegetables?”

I raise my eyebrows as Jacob frowns.

“So no more garlic chicken?”

I shake my head.

“No more garlic chicken.”

Dad decides to but himself into the conversation.

“What do you mean no more garlic chicken? I thought you love that stuff?”

I shift uncomfortably. How will my parents take to my new found fondness of animals?

“Well I’ve decided to become a, uh, vegetarian.”

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