(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 16

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I open my eyes, accepting the knowledge that I'm not going to be able to get back to sleep. The pounding of my head worsens as soon as my eyes open, and I grab my phone as I push myself out of bed.

"Dad?" I question as I bump into someone on my way out of my room.

"Alicia," He yawns. "I thought I heard noise. What's wrong?"

"I have a sore head," I tell him, closing my eyes and rubbing my temples. "I'm going to get panadol."

"Come on," He takes my hand and guides me down the stairs. "I'll help you."

I stand and watch him as he takes a glass, pouring water into it. He goes into the cupboard above the sink and pulls out two panadols. He takes a knife and crushes them both, already knowing I can't swallow them whole.

"Thanks," I tell him as he passes me the spoon full of powder. I shove it in my mouth and close my eyes at the disgusting taste before drinking all of the water.

"If you hadn't drunk so much," He starts.


"Actually, if you hadn't drank at all then-"

"Dad, please!" I beg, holding my head. "Can we do this is in the morning?"

"It is the morning," He mumbles, scratching the back of his head. I shake my own and he sighs. "I just worry about you. You're my girl."

"I know dad," I wrap my arms around him and lean my head on his chest. "I know you worry, and I'm sorry I didn't ask for permission or even text you. I didn't think of how you and mom would be worrying."

"It's alright," Dad kisses the top of my head. "Don't worry about it now; we'll talk about it in the morning."

"I love you dad," I squeeze him before making my way back upstairs.

"Love you, kid." He whispers up the stairs, and I turn to smile down at him.

Instead of going back to my room I let my feet wonder towards the guests' bedroom. I don't bother knocking, I only look behind me to see if dad's anywhere near. When I see no one I quietly ease my way into the room. "Jason?"

There's no reply except for his heavy breathing. I walk towards the right side of the bed, knowing he sleeps on the left. I throw my phone on his bedside table and crawl into the bed, underneath the covers. I move up next to him, wrapping my arms around his stomach. "Jase?"

He repositions himself slightly before feeling me beside him. He doesn't open his eyes, but he does pull me closer to him, hugging me into his chest.

"Thank you for last night and this morning, Jason." I whisper into his ear.

"It's alright," He says, his voice husky. "Get some sleep."

I kiss his chin and mutter goodnight before closing my eyes and letting myself relax, waiting for sleep to overcome me once again.


“Alicia?” I open my eyes at the sound of Jason’s voice to see him leaning over me slightly, a worried expression on his face.

“What time is it?” I whisper, rubbing my eyes and probably smudging my remaining make up even more.

“It’s 10:30,” He smiles slightly. “Sorry, but you need to get out. Everyone’s already awake, and I can smell bacon. They’ll be coming to get us for breakfast soon.”

“Shit,” I groan and sit up, pushing his blanket off me. “If they find me in here we’re both dea-”

A knock on the bedroom door interrupts me and my eyes widen. He bites his lip, silently pointing to the built in robe. Making as little noise as possible, I tip toe towards it.

“Come in,” He says as soon as I’ve closed the door. I stay as quiet as I can.

“Jason, mate, get up,” I hear Jake say. “There’s food on the table, and we still need to talk about your punishment.”

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