(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 12

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“Oh, I’m so excited!” Savannah squeals and I do the same, jumping up and down on the bed. “Okay, okay.” She grins. “Let’s work on the guest list.”

“Alright,” I agree.

“So how about I suggest people,” She says while picking up a blank piece of lined paper and a pen from the pile of things in front of us. “And you say yes or no. Then I’ll write them down here.”

“Sounds awesome, but we’ll write family first. Get them out of the way.” I shrug.

She nods her head in agreement, tapping the tip of the pen against her chin. “Mom and dad, obviously.”

“Yes, write them down. And also Uncle Jake, Aunty Stef, Jase, Uncle Josh and Aunty Dayna.”

She raises her left eyebrow. “’Jase’?” She asks questioningly.

I find myself blushing. “We talk. The other day he took me out for ice-cream, like old times!” I tell her defensively. “Besides, his family anyway. I can’t not invite him.”

Her mouth falls open. “He what?”

I sigh while bringing my legs up and leaning my chin on them. “It’s not a big deal.”

“Not a big deal?” She scoffs. “He’s your best friend!”

I shake my head. “You’re my best friend. You know that.”

“But,” She rolls her eyes. “He’s you best boy friend.” She emphasizes boy.

“Yeah, he was. Common, let’s just drop it.”

“Fine,” She shrugs. “But I think you’ll be best friends with him again before you know it. I wonder why you grew apart in the first place…”

“Sav,” I say sternly, interrupting her curious face.

“Sorry.” She smiles sheepishly.

“It’s fine,”

“Alright, so I don’t think you should invite Poppy.”

I laugh, shaking my head. “I don’t think so either. He can just come to the dinner.”

“Dinner?” She asks.

“Yeah,” I shrug. “I’ll be having three parties. A dinner, for family and no friends, the party, for family and friends, and a drink up back here afterwards, for family and close friends.”

She grins. “I see. Well I’m number one on all of those lists.”

“Technically,” I lean over and look at the sheet where at the top of the list my mom’s name is listed. “Mom is first.”

She laughs. “That can be changed.”

I shake my head. “Okay, so add your mom and dad and then I’ll move onto friends.”

I watch as she quickly, though neatly, scrawls down her parents’ names. She then looks up at me again.

“So then there’s you, unless you’ve added yourself above mom’s name.”

She nods, smirking. “I have.”

“Thought so,” I chuckle. “And then Breanna, Adison and Ella.”

“Selena, too?”

“Of course.” I grin. “And Luke, Lilly and Kara.”

“How about Sally and Jess?”

I nod my head in agreement. “Lara too. But not Jenny. She’s apparently been saying things about me behind my back.” I frown.

“Really?” She asks, her face annoyed. “She started talking about me once, too. Remember that day I slapped?”

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