(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 35

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Just a playful chap. More banter coming :)

Alicia's POV

"Mom the girls are going to stay over tonight," I announce as I enter the kitchen. Mom's in the middle of making a big batch of tacos and I raise my eyebrows. "What are you doing?"

"I figured you'd ask for your friends to come over," She says sheepishly as she glances up at me. She grins. "So I'm making you guys dinner. I made enough in case the boys come over, too,"

"Boys?" Dad asks as he walks into the kitchen. He puts his training bag down on the table and narrows his eyes. "What boys?"

"Her friends," Mom rolls her eyes before walking over to greet him with a sweet kiss. "How was work?"

"Good," He smiles down at her, caressing her cheek. "I'm all sweaty," He pouts. "I'm going to shower and then we're out of here,"

"I can't wait," Mom smirks and I nearly puke. She pushes him away from her. "Go! You do smell,"

"You love it," He grins. He grabs a handful of lettuce from a salad bowl and shoves it in his mouth. "I'll be quick!"

When he leaves the room I scrunch my face up at mom. "You two are gross,"

"Whatever," Mom laughs. "I've made plenty of food, Licia, but if you do invite the boys I might still order a few pizzas just in case,"

"I haven't invited them," I laugh. "But they'll probably still end up here anyway,"

"Alright," She laughs. "I'll get a good mix," She promises. "Hawaiian, meat lovers, pepperoni, the works,"

"You're the best mom a kid could ask for," I admit and shove some taco meat into my mouth. "I'm going to shower. What time will you and dad be home tomorrow?"

"It's a two day trip, sweetie," Mom says innocently. "Don't you remember?"

"No, I definitely remember it being a one night spa trip, Mom," I say slowly before grinning. "You totally booked another night!"

"Actually, your father did," She blushes. "He pushed for an extra day off. We'll be home in a few days time,"

"Okay," I laugh. "Whatever, I see how it is. I don't get invited anymore, I'm too old," I grin. "Morning or evening?"

"Let's say we'll be home in the evening just to be safe," Her blush deepens. "I'm just going to go and make sure I've packed everything," She says as she puts the meat aside to cool. "Put the salads away, love. I better take your fathers' stinky bag with me,"

I laugh as she exits the kitchen. I shove the salads in the fridge and grab my book bag. I better text Savannah to remind her about our sleepover. No doubt she's forgotten.

Just as the thought crosses my mind, my phone rings. It's Savannah.

"Think of the devil, and she shall appear," I mutter into the phone, grinning.

"Why are you thinking about me?" She asks suggestively. "Are you free tonight?"

"No," I roll my eyes. "And neither are you. We have a sleepover planned with the girls at mine, remember? Mom and dad are going away for a few nights,"

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