(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 22

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"So why was Ryan in my room this morning?" I ask all of the girls but my question is really directed at Ella. She notices this, however doesn't answer as she continues to add the finishing touches to her makeup. "Hm?"

"Well after your audition we exchanged numbers, and you know, we're pretty similar..." She trails off and screws the lid of her mascara on.

When I realize she isn't going to keep talking, I prompt her. "And?"

She turns and looks at me, her green eyes narrowing. "And what? He's a good kid."

I giggle, throwing my hands up in surrender. "Okay, okay! I was just curious,"

She grunts in a very unladylike manner when the other girls start laughing, too.

"Licia what are you wearing?" Adison asks from Savanna's bathroom.

"I don't know yet,"

"Go through my wardrobe," Savannah commands and pushes me in the direction of her cupboard. "I think that cute lace dress my mom brought me last month will look great."

All of us girls being the same size as each other in both clothing and shoes really benefits us. After wiggling into Savannah's tight dress I search her bottom rack for shoes and slip into a high black pair of wedges. "What do you think?"

"Damn girl!" Breanna grins as she looks up and down my body.

Savannah nods in agreement. "I'd go there,"

I roll my eyes at her while throwing Ella her other purple heel. "You tell me that on a regular basis, Sav."

"And it's always true!" She defends.

"No way!" I protest when Savannah grabs her car keys. I grin evilly while spinning my own set around my finger. "It's my turn tonight,"

The girls all laugh as we make our way downstairs.

"Oh girls," Holly, Savannah's mum grins beside her husband. "You all look amazing,"

Blushing under their gaze, I mumble a thanks before hugging both Holly and Dave. Like my parents are Savannah's second parents, hers are also mine.

Savannah kisses her mom and dad and tells them she's crashing at mine before we all head outside and pile up in my car, her parents making their way to their own.


Mom decided that instead of going to our normal spot, Jacob's, we should instead go somewhere new which none of us have been to. This led us to Stuzzie's. The atmosphere is lovely; a low glow amongst the inside with big wooden tables and heaters in every corner. Candles litter the tables with complementary wine, and the loud murmur of people everywhere casts an excited feel to the place.

As mom leads us in I wrap Dayna and Josh in a hug and thank them for coming. Josh rubs my head. "Wouldn't miss it for the world,"

"This place is lovely," My grandfather says from behind my dad and I squeal.


I circle my arms around him and he kisses the top of my head. "Hey baby girl,"

I grin up and my Pop's partner, who I consider my Nan. "Nan!"

Although Nan has been close with our family for a while now, I've never expressed to her how I see her as a grandmother figure. When she hears me address her like this, tears immediately gather in her eyes. "Hey, darling," She envelopes me in a tight, warm hug.

We head over to our reserved table for sixteen and everybody begins private conversations with each other as we choose our seats. Dad sits beside me on one side with mom next to him, while Savannah claims the other seat, the girls filling the spots beside her.

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