(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 21

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"Sh!" I'm awoken by a harsh whisper. I hear him sigh in frustration. "You're going to wake them!"

I adjust myself slightly closer to Jason's warm body.

"Dude," I recognize Savannah's voice. "If anyone wakes them it'll be you!"

"Will not," Now I realize the male's voice is Liam's. "You shout like you're on drugs and you've just been busted by the cops!"

I shut my eyes tightly, trying not to lose my comfortable position as I uncontrollably begin to wake up.

"Me?" Sav sounds appalled. "You whisper "Sh" yet you sound like a fucking dying horse while doing it!"

I almost laugh at her stupid comeback.

"Guys--" I hear Kyle try and cut into their bickering, yet he's cut off.

"Well at least I don't look like a horse!"

"Jesus!" Savannah shouts. "You're so pathetic and immature!"

"Don't use His name in vain," Bre whispers angrily.

"Breanna you're such a cutie," Andrew pipes up.

"Guys," Ella sighs. "Now is seriously not a good time to be doing this."

"Ella's right," I don't know whose voice this is, but he sounds vaguely familiar. "It's Alisha's birthday and--"

"This isn't really a good time." Adison finishes for her, however all three of them are ignored.

"I'm pathetic and immature?" Liam laughs sarcastically. "Then explain to me why you're so obsessed with me?"

The room falls silent and I take this as my cue to make my consciousness known, however before I can, Jason speaks from beside me, his breath washing over me and making me shiver slightly.

"You know Aly is awake, right?"

I slowly open my left eye to see eight pairs of eyes staring back at me, all wearing guilty smiles. "Hi," I mutter awkwardly.

Suddenly party poppers are going off and streamers are being thrown. For some reason, Ryan, the skater dude from Universal, is also present and throws a badge and sash at me. Savannah releases a huge bunch of balloons which spring to my roof and Adison pulls out a cake from behind her back. Simultaneously, they all shout "Happy Birthday!"

I groan and meet gazes with Jason briefly before I bury my head in the crook of his neck. "Guys," I whine, a blush covering my face.

"Wake up!" Savannah shouts, jumping on top of me and Jason, rolling around like crazy. "Wake up, wake up, wake up!"

"Come on, Alicia!" Andrew joins Savannah in a miniature stacks-on scenario, throwing himself on us. "You're seventeen today!"

"It's time to celebrate!" Ella sings happily, jumping onto Jason's bed too.

"Oh God," Jase groans as Liam lays flat on top of him. "My bed is so not made to accompany us all."

Soon enough, all ten of us are piled up on Jason's bed, laughing and jumping around like lunatics. Despite waking up to Savannah and Liam bickering, and although it's early in the morning, I can't keep the grin off of my face. I have the greatest friends I could ever ask for, and they've already spoiled me and made me happy just by their presence.

"Wait," Bre shouts and we all fall silent as she jumps off the bed and heads over to my wall unit. We watch her as she sets up her phone, putting it on timer. She quickly runs back to the bed, falling beside Andrew. "Smile everyone!"

I look around at all of my friends. Breanna next to Andrew, Kyle and Adie so obviously holding hands, Ryan laying haphazardly across a laughing Ella, and Savannah and Liam glaring at each other. I turn towards Jason to find he's already staring at me. I smile gently, leaning my head on his chest before turning back to Ella's phone and grinning.

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