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"Tanjiro and Y/N have turned into demon!!Expose them to the sun and kill them!!!"

That makes others gasp in surprise. You and Tanjiro,the kindest people turned into a sinful monster.

You and Tanjiro tried into on of the shadows but Tomioka push you and Tanjiro where the sunlight was.

"If it have a second longer,you would have killed the Kakushi without a doubt. Please die while you're like this,Tanjiro,Y/N!"Tomioka thought as he hold you and Tanjiro.

He see you and Tanjiro like his your siblings. You always talk first to him when others ignored him. You might be always zoned out yet lazy to others eyes but he know you very well.

You just don't know how to express emotions expect when you are together with Muichiro.

Muichiro other side could only watch his sister who was turned into a demon.

"Y/N?"Muichiro muttered your name as he watch you slash Tomioka with your long nails.

The slash that you made to Tomioka was shallow. Like you are holding back. The sign that human side of yours is forcing not to kill Tomioka.

"What the fuck are you doing?!"Inosuke hit you with back of his sword making you stable a little bit.

Tomioka use his uniform like a tissue as he watch you and Tanjiro. ''I'm dizzy from blood loss" Tomioka thought.

"He's the half and half haori guy!He's your comrade!!!" Inosuke told to you two.

"Tanjiro,Y/N-Chan!!!"Zenitsu shouted you and Tanjiro name. They still can't believe that you both turned into demons.

But it's the reality and reality is cruel.

"This might be a lie,right?What about Nezuko-Chan and Muichiro-Kun?Tanjiro,Y/N?"Zenitsu said quietly as tears slowly dripped from his eyes.

They are not cruel enough to kill their friends. Tanjiro dash to Inosuke while you dash where Tomioka was.

Tomioka couldn't have enough courage to kill you.

He have something to say to you. He wanted to say something that you told to him about Sabito and his sister.

"I can't do it. Because we are comrades" Both Tomioka and Inosuke thought as they cried.

A blur of black haired passed Zenitsu as it was Nezuko who hug Tanjiro while Muichiro was hugging to you too.

You and Tanjiro was trying to run from Muichiro and Nezuko hug as you both bit your older sibling shoulder,same with Tanjiro.

Only Muichiro and Nezuko hug tighter.

"Onii-Chan!I'm sorry for putting everything to your shoulder!Why is it you who have to suffer?Why do kind people people struggle everyday and get trampled over and over?" Nezuko told Tanjiro.

"I'm sorry,Y/N. I'm sorry for being a bad brother. If I am know how to get into future sooner then I could share the same burden that you carried right now. Don't worry everything is going to be fine. Let's go home together" Muichiro cried as he told to you.

"Graarr!!!"You and Tanjiro roar like a monster as you both use you claws to run away but only got hug tighter by Muichiro and Nezuko.

"No,Tanjiro! It's Nezuko!! She turned back into human. At this rate,she'll die!!" Zenitsu hug Tanjiro to stop the boy.

Meanwhile Tomioka hug you. "Snap out of it. He's your older brother! Didn't you two promised that you both will always stay together?!!!" Tomioka shouted/told to you.

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