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Only sword clashing sound can be heard from the silent night.

You know that you have already reached your limit a long time ago but you can't give up now. Muzan is in front of you.

You support Tanjiro while the boy was fighting with Muzan and Tanjiro will support when you fight with Muzan.

It's just like each other turn by other supporting.

"Stand firm. Buy one second and another one"Tanjiro thought as you support him behind.

"Breath Of Moon,Third Form:Loathsome Moon-Chains"

Muzan dodge your attack as you cough blood making Midoriya and others look at the girl with worried in the T.V.

Same with other Yuuei stuffs or students.

"Y/N-San!!!"Tanjiro shouted your name in worry as you took another deep breath.

"Don't worry!I'm fine!!!Even if I'm going to die,I will drug Muzan to hell with me!!!"You told Tanjiro as the demon slayer mark cover your the whole of your right side.

A burn mark cover your whole left face side while the slayer mark was cover your other side as your left hand got cleanly cut by Kokushibo as blood slowly dripped from your left hand.

You lost a lot of blood as your version start to make hazy.

"Caw!!!Thirty-Five minutes until dawn!!!"

That makes you stand up again.You know you are going to die after thirty five minutes later but to the good side Muzan will die.

"Sorry,Mui-Nii.It seems that I can't keep the promise with you"You apologize to your older brother in your mind.

"The fight is over.I need no risk this any longer"Muzan thought as he tried to dividing his cells.


Muzan is dividing!!!"Tanjiro warn you and Obanai. "Damn it,he's trying to break into smaller pieces and escape!!!"Obanai shouted to you and Tanjiro.

Right now,three of you,Tanjiro and Obanai can participate in the war now.

Obanai lost both of his eyes now. He can only participate in the war because of Yushiro papers and his snake help.

'Can three of us stop him?No,if he divides,we've lost!!But if we strike him 12 spots all at once!"Tanjiro thought as he face show worried and hesitate.

Miracle happened. Muzan can't divide because of the serum that Tamayo put in Muzan.

"I see...There was a third substance in Tamayo drug. Human regression, aging and division prevention. That fox!!!" Muzan cursed to the female demon.

"Sorry,but...You're wrong"

Muzan cough up blood as scars start to form from his whole body. Those are all scars that Yorrichi made.

Those scars also show where Muzan weak sports are.

"He stopped"You thought as you watch Muzan who stand up doing nothing for a bit.

"We can do this!!!We can win!!It almost dawn!!!"

It all stop when Muzan did something.
It's like he used gravity as you and others got slam to the ground.

 It's like he used gravity as you and others got slam to the ground

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