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"The time limit is 15 minutes.The point value of each group's hand and is worth the total point accumulation of each members and the one to wear the headband will be the warehouse's rider!Think him or her as a standard bearer!"Midnight explain as you ignored the R-Rate hero.

People surround you asking you to in their team while you ignored them and still look at the sky.

"What is that colour called again?"You said to yourself."Oi!Join my team!!"Bakugo grab your left hand and someone hold your right hand.

"Tokito.Join my team"Todoroki said to you."Oi.Half and Half!Chibi is joining my team!"Bakugo shouted at Todoroki.

"We need her strength"Todoroki bluntly told Bakugo."Y/N-Chan"Midoriya walk to you ignoring Todoroki and Bakugo.

"Please join my team"Midoriya bow to you 90%.You shake both of your hands."I am going to join Midoriya team"You bluntly told Todoroki and Bakugo.

"Let's go"Midoriya follow you."Good job,Deku Kun!"Uraraka cheered when she saw you with Midoriya.

"So my teammates are Midoriya, Tokoyami and Uraraka"You look at three of them.

"Y/N-Chan.Please be the rider"You look at Midoriya.His eyes held demeration that you once had.

"I will forgot anyways"Midoriya smiled knowing that you agree him his suggestion.

Tokoyami was front,Midoriya was left wing and Uraraka was right wing.You tie 10 million points on your head.

"Ten minutes have passed.We are going to start any moments now"Midnight voice boom in.

"Wake up,Eraser!Their fifteen minutes to form teams and strategies are nearly up!!"Present Mic joins.

"Look like we have quite interesting line-ups"Aizawa lazily spoke up.

"What is that cloud call again?"You muttered as other three teammates of you sweat drop at you.

The bang was heard as others charge at your team.

Midoriya and others tried to run but someone from 1-B quirk stop them.
You sigh at their loud noise.

"Hold tight you all"Midoriya and others grib you tight.

"Total Concentration...Breath Of Mist....Seventh Form... Obscuring Clouds"

Your team was disappeared and show to the place where others wasn't.

"That's impressive!!"Midoriya eyes sparkles."That move is impressive for both defense and offense''Tokoyami agree with Midoriya.

"They all are still coming"You pointed at the people.Jiro earphone Jack charge at you but dark shadow protect you.

"Thanks"You said to Dark Shadow."Dark Shadow.Watch our blind spots"."Rogers".

Mezo charge at you.With see-through eyes people muscles are different."Tsu-Chan.Pervent come out.I know you're in there"You told them.

"How did you know!?"You can hear Mineta shout in Mezo arms.

"I forgot"You answered as you dodge the attacks.You heard explosion behind you as you dodge a little bit.

''How did you know!?"Shouted Bakugo."You are always loud"You replied as you watch Bakugo fall but Sero use his tape back to their team.

"Is that allowed!?"

"It's only a technical,so it's okay.The rider is just not allowed to his or her foot on the the ground!!"Midnight explain as she thumb up.

Someone stop your team."You are going to stop either way"You look at Todoroki.

"I am going to take that headband"Todoroki told you and Midoriya.

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