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Shigaraki look at the T.V in exicidement like a child waiting for his birthday present.

"Shigaraki Tomura.You're really interested about her"Kurogiri told the light blue haried boy who scrowl a bit.

"Kurogiri.Don't intercept.Right?"
Shigaraki look at the figure behind him.

"......"The person didn't say nothing making the villain tch a bit.

You sat the middle between Midoriya and Uraraka as you look Kirishima vs Bakugo.

"Who do you think who will win?"Mina said exicitly."Bakugo has most chance of winning"You answered while others look at you.

"Y/N-Chan.You are going to fight Todoroki-Kun at the next round"Midoriya told you as he start to panic instead of you who blankly look at him.

Bakugo won just like you said to others.Others talk a bit since they got thirty minutes break.

Midoriya start to ramble you about Todoroki while you sleep with your eyes open.

Bakugo look at you quietly.If you won against Todoroki and you are going to fight against him the next round.That make him exicided for the first time.

"Y/N-Chan!!!!!"Midoriya shout your name as you woke up."So loud..."You lazily rub your eyes.The girls start to squeal at your cuteness.

"The fight is going to start!!!"Midoriya drag you like how Shinso did.You didn't say nothing as you got out of the end of the tunnel.

"This is the fight that we have been waiting for!!!!!On the left side,we have Todoroki Shoto!!The recommended student of 1-A!!!!"The crowds cheer for Todoroki who look at you seriously.

"On the right side,Tokito Y/N!!!The ace of 1-A!!!"

"The fight start in 3.....2.....1."

A lot of ice dash at you as you dodge as you sheathed your sword.You might took seriously when you fight against Todoroki and Bakugo.

"The Breath Of Mist,Sixth Form:Lunar Dispering Mist"

You easily slash the ice as Todoroki tch.Todoroki make the wall of ice surround you like a square and he cover the up with his ice making you impossible to escape.

"The Breath Of Moon,Eighth Form:Moon-Dragon Ringtail"

You make a single slash that make the ice shattered.You dash Todoroki.Todoroki protect himself with his left hand not noticing he use his left side.

"Stop being stubborn.That's your quirk not the forever number two grandfather"You blankly told Todoroki.

At Pro heroes side

"Hahahahahahahaha!!!!"Others heroes laugh hard what you just said to Endeavor who have bigger fire on his body.

"I like that kid"Dirty ash blond hero said as he grinned a bit.

At your side

The who stage was covered with fire what you just said."That's right.That is his quirk"Todoroki thought what you just said to him.

He found light thanks to you.Maybe he should buy you snacks after the sport festival.

The fire dragon that Todoroki create charge at you.

"Total Concentration,The Breath Of Water:,Eleventh Form:Dead Calm"

"Ocean?"Others though as they watch the whole stage cover with ocean.You put your katana tip to the ground in the complete defense form.

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