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I want to say thank you for the people to reassure me. God,it's 12:34 AM and I'm crying while typing this.

(You can skip the rest if you want since I'm going to explain how I got bullied and burst my anger on below)

To tell truth,to you all. All the people in my class are all bitches. At first me and the five bitches become friends when we are nine years old,I think.

Everything was happy to us but things start to change last year when I become famous because I am best athlete in girls from my school.

They start to stop talking and start ignoring me when I talk to them. The way they look at me like I'm a garbage and stepping stone for them.

They start making rumors about me. I didn't know it at first. Even some teaches didn't say nothing to them.

I made some friends from other classes that time since I got lonely. My friends from other class let's call them Luna and Alice.

Me,Luna and Alice become best friends. I become distance with that bitches. Everything become normal.

They become popular using me and I become normal kid again. I hate attention so I am okay about that.

They got too ahead and start jealous when I got normal. I think they want to see me miserable. They start to tell Luna and Alice,bad things about me.

Physical bully is okay but mentally no.
They mentally start bullying me from that time.

Luna and Alice know my problems with my class so they didn't say it to me. I know they believe in me.

Everything got worse after three months passed. Luna and Alice finally told me the truth about those bitches who make fake news of me inorder to make me alone again. I'm still chill about that.

All the people in my class believe what those bitches say.

They say that I'm delinquent, violent,useless and so on. Hell,teachers even my family believe that.

They know that I wrote stories in wattpad and start make my life miserable from that time.

They start telling other even the whole that I'm the worse author,they have ever met. I'm only fourteen in that year aka last year.

They all start make me angry in order to make the problem worse. Like stealing my seat, scream to my ear when I'm sleeping in class, hide my books and finally they told the teacher that I slap one of them.

Let's call one of that bitches, Bitch#1 since I am not too nice to give them or write them a name since they don't deserve it in my book.

Bitch#1 said to my homeroom teacher that I slap her and bully her while crying and acting innocent.

The dumbass teacher believe her lies and call my parents. I can't control my anger anymore and I punch their face hard,enough make blood fall from their face and they all start crying.

My teacher makes me go back home. Me and my mother got into a fight. I finally snap out because of my anger and shouted/told the truth to my mom who finally got regret about it.

I change my social account even my old account because of them. This account 'AlvaAckerman' is my second account.

I change into this account to start new life but things got worse when they start to write hate messages in my messenger telling me to die and stop writing because I'm worst author they have ever met.

I got into depression because of it. Luna and Alice tried their best to cheer me up.

Everything was okay since I block them and I know they make bad rumors about me even right now.

I follow my old account in with this one and saw some of those bitches accounts who I follow when I didn't realize those bitches true colours.

My school open for a month this year and they still make my life miserable with some of my classmates inorder to make me broke.

I ignored and don't even talk or look at them that time since I want to snap their necks immediately when I see their dirt faces and pig squealing and high pinches voices.

I start to doubts to myself ever since I start writing eighteen chapter from 'The Mist Pillar's Sister'.

Everything is okay now since I feel better when I wrote this and read you guy comments.

Thanks for reassure me and comfort me and I'm sorry again if my problem is being too dramatic.

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