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Aizawa was explain about the training camp but the certain silblings ignored him.

"Should I come over?"Muichiro said to himself not knowing that you heard it."Mui-Nii.It's okay.You need to train Mizunotos"Muichiro pouted what you just told him.

He can't just let you go alone again.What if you got hurt or worse you die?Like when he heard you are disappeared in thin air.He was so worried.

He even cursed every single person who tried to tell him that you are already dead without prove.What a joke,right?

"Y/N-Chan.The bus is going to leave now!"Midoriya told you.You nod at the broccoli boy and look at your older brother.

You kissed his cheek and small gentle smile appear on your face."I am going now"Muichiro nod and kissed your forehead."Be safe"

"And that's the last smile Muichiro see your smile or was it?"


You sit beside Aizawa on the ride."The bus will stop in one hour"Aizawa look behind where his students are.They all ignored him.

Some are chatting,sleeping or listening to music.You look at the sky from the window.

"What if the shape of that cloud again?"Aizawa sighed."Whatever the training will start soon either ways"He muttered as he tried to sleep.

An Hour Later

You got out of the bus ignoring everything around you while you are in your lala land.

You only hear voices like going to the camp in three hours.You can do in minutes.

You still remembered Urokodaki make you run to the mountain filled with traps when you tried to learn Breath Of Water.

You felt yourself falling.You jump one of the tree branch easily."You have three hours to go to the facility.Since this is our domain you can your quirks.First,you must pass this beast forest!!!Tokito Y/N,you are going solo on your own!!!"Others look at you.

"Then I am going first"You disappered."She disappered!!!"Kaminari,Ashido and Sero shout in surprise.

The voice of a beast roaring in pain was filled the whole forest.1-A shivered.That wasn't them who destoried the beast that Pixie Bob made.

The other side

"What is that kid from the past?!A monster?!"The certain hero that makes beasts shouted in surprise as she tried to make more but it go immediately destoried by you.

"Tokito Y/N.One of the youngest and talented swordsman in Taisho Period"Aizawa spoke up.

Koda finches.The person he admire was in the future."That's a lie,right?"Aizawa shake his head what Pixie Bob question.

Pixie Bob slap her forehead."No wonder why she is stronger than a normal person"She thought as she took a pity on you.

A victim that hold a sword to fight agaist the various demons and him without quirks.

"The time is near.Soon the war will broke"That makes Pixie Bob stop what she was doing and Mandalay dropped the board of the pages of 1-A students as they both look at the homo man.

"The demons are in future.Tokito said that she saw that man.Most likely the war will start in one or two weeks"

"That's pretty fucked up"The Pussycats said in sync.

Time Skip

You arrive to the facility in thirty minutes and greeted by the three heroes.

"You are here!!"Pixie Bob and Mandalay shouted the same time and pointed at you who looking at the sky.

"What is the name of that bird called again?"The Pussycats sweat drop.

How can they forgot?She is one of the strongest and strangest person to them.

Kota walk to you nervous."Um!"You look at the boy with your mint green eyes that can stare at your soul.

That boy shutter making Mandalay chuckles.How can she blame when the boy idol was in front of him?She will be the same as Kota.

"I admire you for a long t-time!"The boy cured himself for shuttering the last word.Kota shut his eyes but he open in surprise when you pat his head.

Your hand was a little rough because of your training yet warm.Tears fall without him noticing but he hide with his head.The world is really cruel.

They didn't do nothing but just trying to protect human.Trying not to lose family like them and why did they have to die?The kind and gentle peoples.

Truly unfair.

"I am free so let's play something you like"Kota eyes start to sparkles with flowers was backround.

The boy nod happily.Strangly,he was childish for once.

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