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"You wanted to tell us something.What is it?"The cinnamon boy ask the dual haired boy.

"What is that shinny thing called again?"Todoroki and Midoriya ignored at your question.

"I felt something familer to you and All Might ever since U.S.J.Midoriya.....are you secret love child of All Might or something.

A quiet laugh was heard.You hold your laugh for the first time.

"Of course not!"Midoriya said to Todoroki."Have you ever heard about number two hero Endeavor?"
Midoriya nod at Todoroki question.

"Do you know about quirk marriage?"Midoriya shake his head.

"After quirks appeared.It come into picture during second and third generation"You answered as you zone out a bit.

"Tokito is right.My father easily ingratiated himself to my mother's family and took possession of her quirk.He wanted someone to active his dream.Fuck him,I'll never be his tool.In my memories,my mother was always crying.She told me that my left side is ugly.So she pour boiling water to me"Midoriya gasp as you quietly listen what Todoroki was saying.

"I always say him that I use him right now.I won't use my shitty old man quirk or rather...I will become number one without using his quirk"
Todoroki told you and Midoriya.Unknow to Midoriya and Todoroki someone heard that.

"That's stupid"Todoroki and Midoriya look at you."Are you Endeavor?"Todoroki shake his head.

"Then why are you worrying.It's your own quirk.You are free"You answered matter of fact.

You walk back to canteen."I almost forgot..."You stop getting attention of Todoroki and Midoriya.

"If that fuckface say something to you.Tell me right away.I will beat him"You said as you left.Midoriya look at you in horror.

Todoroki felt something skip in his heart as he watch you faded away.

"Are you Peeping Tom?"You ask Bakugo who scrowl at you.Bakugo didn't say nothing as he pass you.

"A tournament,finally.I have been waiting for this moment"Kirishima said exicitly.

"There was a tournament last year too?"Mina ask him.

"Some details end up changing but it always one on one"Sero answer to her.

"Now,we are going to do a drawing to determind the pairings"Midnight show others the box.

You zone out ignoring Midnight explaining and Ojiro and one boy from 1-B retreat.

"Let's show the parrings!!!"You look at the board.

"Who is Shiozaki?"You muttered not interested.

"I will forgot anyways"You continues as you look at something to zone out.

The first match was intense.The second match begin.Todoroki freeze half of the building winning easily.

"Now the third match!!!Shiozaki from class 1-B and Tokito from Class 1-A!!!"The crowds cheer as proes exicided what is your next move.Same with the villains that watching your fight.

"Sorry for my rudeness but I'm going to defeat you!"Shiozaki said to you as you ignored her.

"What is the name of that bird again?"Vines cover your whole body as you didn't move.

"I hate being intercept in my thoughts"You said to Shiozaki.You unsheathe your sword in the vines.
You calmly sliced open the vines and falling to the ground.

"Breath Of Mist,Fifth Form:Sea of Clouds and Haze"

You cut the walls that Shiozaki make with her vines with high speed.

"Breath Of Flame,Fifth Form:Flame Tiger"

That make the third match over.You won easily.

At Midoriya Side (The fight you and Shiozaki)

"The fight between Y/N-Chan and Shiozaki-San.Who do you thi-"Uraraka stop as she look at Midoriya who was writing his notebook in insane speed.

"Shiozaki quirk is useful for both defense and offence on other side Y/N Chan can only use her sword but she defeat a lot villains at U.S.J.She might have some hope"Uraraka sweat drop.

"Shut up,Deku!It's starting"Bakugo bark at Midoriya who shrink in fear.

Shiozaki warp your body with her vines.You do nothing in blink of eye you cut the vines easily.

The mist surround you as you cut Shiozaki wall that made with her vines.

"Amazing"Uraraka and Midoriya look at you in awe.

"That's manly"Kirishima joins.

The flame of tiger attack Shiozaki immediately.Making you winning easily.

"Shiozaki is out of bounds!!Tokito move to next round!!!"The crowds cheer as you ignored them.

"Whatever"You thought as you look at the sky.

"I'll forgot anyways"

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