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On the third of the training camp

"I am tired just watching them"A certain Hashira muttered as she watch her classmates training.

Aizawa and others let you train but not too hard since the war might broke out soon or later.You need some stamina for that.

"Ma.It doesn't matter since I'll forgot anyways"

Kota beside you look at you with serious face.He know that you are quite strange in history.More like you become quite strange because you lost some of your memories.

"I think you should train to kill some time"Kota suggest you as you hum in answer.

"No bad idea"You unsheathe your sword as mist start to surround the sword as you do simple breathing styles.

Kota look at you with awe look.The way you hold the sword it looks like you aren't fighting but a spirit dancing in the middle of winter.

Beautiful yet sad at the same time.Unknown to you and Kota,others stop training and watching your breathing style.

It was really beautiful to you and the dance.It's like it make only for you.

Soon the dance was end,making others disappointed a little bit.They wanted to see more but it already sun set without them knowing.Even the five pro heroes were drawn to your breathing style like others were a little bit disappointed.

They wanted time to stop this moment.They feel like they can watch your dance forever but that's impossible for you and others.


"Wow,Bakugo.I didn't know that you could use knife!"That make you hold yourself not to laugh at Uraraka bluntness.

"Huh!Do you want to die!?"Others ignored what Bakugo just said but snickered beside making a lot of anime tick mark on his face.

Soon the curry is done making and you took a bite.It isn't too bad or too good."It's passable"You muttered as you took another bite.

This is quite normal day well for you.


Sorry!I don't have many ideas so I am going to skip the Dabi and others got in the training camp.I will write some scenes but I'm super sorry!I will write longer in next chapter.

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