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"You guys...I'm looking forward to listen your stories at summer camp"Mina and Kaminari was surround with dark aura.

They both regret that they didn't listen,what you and Muichiro warning.

Kirishima and Sato was surround boy dark aura too.Midoriya tried to cheer four of them but he failed.

You and Muichiro was staring at the sky.Five person who failed the exam have hightly coming with them at training camp so why should they worried about it?

"What is the colour of that sky again?"Others ignored you and Muichiro stupid question.

"When the bell ring take your seats!"Aizawa open the door fast with a heavy slam.Others was already their seat.They all are quiet...too quiet.

"Morning,now about your end of term exams.I hate to say that some of you failed and such.... everybody's going to the training camp"Aizawa said others with his famous grin.

"WHAT A TWIST!!!!!"The four or five who failed the exam shouted in happiness.

"There were zero who fail the written exam.For the practical exam, Kirishima,Sato,Kaminari,Ashido and Sero all failed"

"But we can still go,Sensei?!"
Kirishima went back to normal with others.

You and Muichiro torn the paper and make paper airplane."Tokito silblings don't make the paper airplane and I have to talk with you two"You two look at Aizawa and nod at the same time.

It might about training camp or demons.You,Muichiro and Aizawa get out of the class and went to the rest room which only teachers use.

"We have something to tell you two.Muichiro since you are going to train with others..you can't come to the practical exam.I will cover that.Y/N,you are going to train with us"Muichiro was a little bit angry.

But he can't disobey since that was order from Kagaya.

"Understand"Aizawa nod.He apologize at his mind to you silblings.How can life be cruel to separate the silblings again?There might be a chance that they both can die.

How can they watch the most painful history is going to happen in their eyes?This world is really filled with unfairness.

He can't refuse what date decided for him.Neither nobady can't.

You and Muichiro watch Aizawa slowly walk back to the class."Ne.Let's make memories about us and others"Muichiro hum in agreement.

"Who should we invited?"

"Your friends,Hashiras,Tsugokus and Sanemi-San brother"You answered.

"That's a lot"Muichiro thought as his overprotective side slowly show up since there are a lot of boys who is older than you and him.

He agree what you told him.There might be a chance someone can die at the war.Then they all should make the last happy moments.

Muichiro pat your head while you close your eyes,feeling comfortable.Every time Muichiro pat your head,it was like magic.It always make you sleepy.

Muichiro chuckles a bit as he watch you sleepy rubbing your eyes.He kissed your forehead.

"I love you,N/N"

"I love you too,Mui-Nii"


You look at Muichiro and his friends with Hashiras.Apperantely today was firework festival and everyone agree to go there.

You look at Shinazugawa silblings.It seems that they both are okay now.Sanemi isn't cold to Genya anymore.

You look at Shinobu and Kanao.They both are smiling and laughing.Your sister like figures was okay too.

Others are cheerful and noisy as always.Rengoku and Mitsuri was eating battle while Obanai was looking at Mitsuri with light blush at her cuteness.

Uzui was drunk and his three wife are trying to stop him.Himejima was prying but you can see he have small smile on his face.

Muichiro and his friends are chatting happily.It made you happy.

"Minna!Let's take picture!!!"Mitsuri told others as they all start to join.

You was beside Muichiro and his friends.Nezu snap the picture as he smile at all of the people from the past were smiling brightly in the picture.

Calm before the storm is coming soon and Nezu knows it.Someone or a lot of people from demon slayer corps might die yet they all are smiling brightly.

Tears fall from his eyes.It was painful not to tell others about the future.

The loud bang was heard as your eyes sparkles as you look at the fireworks.

That day was the happiest moment for you and all.

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