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The moon was shining brightly as the girl stand on the building with the underground hero.

"I sense the demon aura"Y/N muttered as she disappeared in thin air.Aizawa look at the place where you disappeared.

He admitted that the people death become low because of you.

Hitoshi Shinso the boy from the general department feeding the stray cats.How can he be cold heart when cat are his favorite animal.

"Here eat slowly"Hitoshi pet the white cat.He chuckles slowly.They look cute.

Hitoshi heard the noise behind him.The crunch noise that make him curious.Hitoshi went to the place and his eye wide as he look at the victim in horror.

Three men hungrily eat the dead bodys."What is it?Another human?"One of the demons said as he look at the boy.

"Let eat him.I am hungry either ways"Another suggest as he hungrily look at Hitoshi.

Hitoshi was stand there paralyzed.He couldn't do nothing.He even forgot to use his quirk on the demons.

The three demons sprint directly to Hitoshi.The boy close his eyes waiting for the pain.But the pain never come.

Hitoshi slowly open his eyes and greet by the girl with black hair and turquoise at the tip.

She slay the demons without any fear.Hitoshi watch in awe at the girl.

"Are you okay?"The girl ask him.Hotoshi only nod at her answer.He still couldn't look his eyes from her.

"What are those things?"Hitoshi pointed at one of the demon body with was turning into ash.

"Demons"You simply answered."Demons?Didn't the demons disappeared since the war between humans and demons?"
Hitoshi thought.

"What is your name?"You ask the purple haired boy."Hitoshi Shinso"The boy simply answered.

"Hitoshi-San.Take this"You hand him the little bag with had dried Westeria inside it.

"My name is Tokito Y/N.This should protect you from demons"

"Tokito.Are you done?"You look at Aizawa who was standing on one of the buildings.

"Yeah"You answer as you jump high and stand beside Aizawa.

Hitoshi watch the two figures faded way as he look the bag that you give him.

"Tokito Y/N.I heard that name before"Hitoshi muttered.


The school end like normally but was it.You still sleep on your desk same with Aizawa who was sleeping with his yellow sleeping bag.

"Those two always sleep"Uraraka whispered at Midoriya who know what happening.

You stay all night to kill demons to protect them.

"Just like them rest!"Iida do his hand signs as Uraraka open the door and greet by a lot of people from the other class.

"Wow"Uraraka look the people with awe."What the heck!?"That make you wake up.You rub your eyes sleepily.

"So loud"You muttered as you yawns a bit.

"They are crowding the exit!What are they here for?"Mineta look at the people.

"They're scoping out the competition,you idoit.They wanna see the gang who come through the villain attack.They check on us for the sport festival"Bakugo answered as he look at the crowds.

He 'tch' as he open his mouth and said the crowds one sentence that make them hate 1-A:

"Out of my way you extras"

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