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It's been one week past since the sport festival.You quietly listen to others what people are approaching them or asking them their signs.

Todoroki look at you.What you said to him repeat his mind.Hell even when he sleeps.

"Morning"Aizawa slide the door open as he don't have bandages like a mummy anymore.

"Aizawa-Sensei.I am glad that you be able to remove your bandages"

"Old lady went overboard of healing me"Aizawa scratch his left cheek where his scar was.

"Put that aside.Today's hero informatics period is a little bit special"You listen for the first time.

The atmosphere was heavy.Others are thinking that 'another pop quiz' or 'they are going to study law and stuffs'.

"Codenames.I want you guys to make codenames"Others stand up and cheer.

You quickly cover your ears when they all open their mouth.

"So noisy"You thought as you watch others.Aizawa eyes turn red making others shut up.

"This is related to the drafts nominations by pros that I mentioned
the other day.The intership will start by pros this year making akin to expressions of 'interest' in future potential.This year these three got spot light"Aizawa explain as he press the remote showing how many intership others got.

A group designated cases











"Damn.It's so clear that it's practically black and white"Kaminari growled.

"Those pros have no good eyes!"Aoyama said as he pout.

"Although second and third are reverse"

"Seeing him chained might scared pros"


"What is that thing called again?"You zone out ignoring others pros heroes names or Aizawa explaining.

"How about Tokito-Chan?"Others look at you.You wrote a name without you realizing.

You walk in front of the class as you show the name."Kumo?"Midnight said in confusion.

"Why clouds?"Midnight ask you."I don't know.That might be some sort of memory piece that I lost"Todoroki's eyes wide a little bit without others knowing but the blond boy saw it.

Midnight pat your head."That name is all right"You nod slowly what Midnight told to you.

"Bakugo.You are the last"Bakugo show his hero name.'Lord Explosion Murder!!"Midnight slam her right hand to her head.

"No gonna happened"

You sit on the table with Deku Squad."Ne.Y/N-Chan.Do you have amnesia?"Asui ask you suddenly making others gasp in surprise that she ask you what they thoughts.

"Yes"You answered quickly."I remember my parents and brothers but I lost some pieces of my memory like my hobby,friends or something like that"You explained to them.

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