Tokito Y/N

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Name-Tokito Y/N


Appearance-Y/N is a pettie girl with black hair and turquoise at tip.Her eyes are mint green.

Rank-Tsuguko of Muichiro.(She is strong as Hashira but she choose to be Tsuguko of her brother)

Like-Muichiro,Hashiras, Demon Slayer Corps,F/F.

Dislike-Demons,Muzan,D/F,Loud people.

Breath Styles-Flame,Water,Moon,Mist and Sun.

You will learn how to use Breath Of Lightning in future.

Taisho Secret

Y/N mostly use breath of Mist and Moon.She can use breath of flame and water too.She only use breath of Sun if it is important.

You lost some piece of your memory.You remember your past with Muichiro and Yuichiro.


Power- 6/5 S

Speed- 5/5 A

Teachnique- 5/5 A

Intelligence - 4.5/5 B+

Cooperativeness- 2.5/5 C-

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