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You panted heavily at you wait for Kokushibo next attack.You can't die here.You promised to Muichiro that you'll live.

"Tokito Y/N.Look at you,you lost a lot blood.If you are a demon it will only be a light strach.I propose you to become a demon.That man will accept you"Kokushibo hand his right hand you as you look at him.

You laugh."Seriously.After hundreds years passed not only your mind but your brain become soil?My answer is no.Living like a normal is a beautiful thing"You said as you took a deep breath of oxygen.

"Breath of Mist,Fifth Form:Sea Of Clouds and Haze"

Kokushibo dodge your attack as you took another stance to fight."N/N!!!"A familiar voice to your shouted your name.

It was Muichiro."What the fucking hell you did to my sister?!"A lot of veins was on Muichiro head when he saw your left hand.

You breath heavily as Muichiro mutter to you."Rest a bit.The Kakushi will treat you.Leave the rest to me and others.We need your strength to kill Muzan"You nod what your brother told you.

"Don't you dare to die"You told your brother who nod while you watch Muichiro and Kokushibo fought with Sanemi and Himejima.

"Y/N-Sama.Let me treat you!"You watch the Kakushi and nod.The Kakushi start to bandage your wounds.

"You are the girl brother right.Become a demon"Kokushibo told Muichiro who snickered.

"I refuse"Muichiro speed to Kokushibo as he tried to cut Kokushibo head but failed.

"N/N.If you hear right now,go where Muzan is leave this mass to me!!"You look at your brother.

You nod as you took your sword and run where Muzan might be.

There in the main room.Muzan and Upper Moon Four with other Hashiras and Tanjiro.

"Tanjiro.Tell me the situation"You look at the hanafuda earing boy."Y/N-San.We have to distract the biwa demon and Yushiro will do next"You nod as you close your eyes as took a deep breath.You open your eyes quickly.

"Breath of Moon,Fifth Form:Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy"

"Kid.Nice job!"Yushiro told you as he reach Nakime as he do his spell to make Nakime sight a little different.

"Agh.It's Muzan!!I almost have control,but he's wresting away!He even absorbing my cells!!"Yushiro thought as you and Tanjiro only look at the demon boy.


"STOP INTERFERING AND DIE!!!"You can hear Muzan shout other side as Tomioka and Obanai distract the demon king in the other side.

"If it help you defeat Muzan than eat me!!"You look at Tanjiro with 'WTF' face.

"Shut up!Stay back!!"Yushiro shout at Tanjiro who apologize to him.

"Yes.I am driving him back!"Yushiro thought.Muzan clutch his left hand to make Nakime cells destory.

"He's trying to kill her!The castle will fall apart!"You thought as you start to worried a little bit.

"Caw!Kocho Shinobu sacrificed herself to kill Upper Moon Two!Upper Moon Two have been defeated by Kocho Kanao and Hashibara Inosuke! Muichiro Tokito and others defeated Upper Moon One.Muichiro can't participate because of his injuries!"
You can hear what C/N said.At least he's still alive.

"I must not give up!In brief time before her cells completely die!I must get Muzan and the remaining corps members outside!!"

Tanjiro fall at the heavy temperature."It's no use.We still not outside!!"You and Tanjiro thought as you two as the dead corpses of Demon Slayers.

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