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The week past in blink of eye and school finally open again.You look at your brother who wear Yuuei boy uniform and his katana on his waist just like yours.

You and Muichiro went to the kitchen and greet by Aizawa who is making breakfast for you two.

"Here"The smell of fluffy omelette makes you drool you and Muichiro.You both didn't waste a minute as you two eat fast.

"Eat slowly.You two will choke"Aizawa slip his coffee as he watch the two silblings.

The two  really look alike only difference is Muichiro is taller than you.

As you two done eating you and Aizawa go to Yuuei.

"Tokitos.You can enter when I tell your brother name"Muichiro and you ignored him and zoned out.

Aizawa sighed."Like brother like sister"He open the door as others shut up.

"We have transfer student today.He is silbling of Tokito Y/N.You can enter now"Muichiro and You open the door as others start to shoot questions.

Aizawa eyes turn red as others immediately shut up."Introduce yourself"."Muichiro Tokito.N/N's brother"Muichiro simply answers as he look at the ceiling with you who already sit on your desk.

"Muichiro.You can sit next to Y/N"Muichiro sit the empty rest beside you.

"What is the colour of that ceiling again?"Others sweat drop at the two silblings.

Yeah,like brother like sister.

Time Skip

Others gather around Muichiro when the lunch time start.You and your brother was still zone out.

Todoroki look at Muichiro and look back at you.Just like the history said the two silblings look alike like twins.Unfortunely,Todoroki felt sad about what will happen to the two silblings later.

Same with Midoriya Izuku.He look at you and Muichiro.You guys have black circle at your eyes.It explain him that you two stay the whole night.(He still don't know that all the members in demon slayer corps in this time).

You snap out of your thought and look at your brother."Mui-Nii.Let's eat lunch"Muichiro nod and stand up while taking his katana.

You both quietly walk to the cafeteria."How is the class?"You broke the silent.

"They are all lively"Muichiro answered to you.You can see he small smile a bit.

"Just like your friends,right?"You guess is right.When Muichiro saw his classmates it makes remember him about Tanjiro,Nezuko and others.

He was glad that you found friends just like him.He was still sad about you still lost some piece of your memory.

You stop getting his attention."We're here"The boy nod.You wasn't paying attention just like Muichiro.You didn't know you two got separate when you two lost in thoughts.You bump into someone.

It was indigo haired boy."I'm sorry"You take out your hand to the boy.The boy look at you as he blush.

Your attention was on his indigo eyes.It is beautiful to you.Amajiki look at the girl in front of him.

He wonder at her mint green eyes.It remind him calm mist.She is so cute and beautiful to his eyes.He blush at the thought."I'm sorry"The girl stick out her hand at him.

"N-N-No p-problem"The boy shutters heavily as he still blush hard."My name is Tokito Y/N.What about yours?"

"A-Ama-Amajiki T-Tamakk"A lot of questions was on his mind.Did you speak to him because of dare or prank?

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