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It's me again. I want to ask you guys something.

Do you guys like reading my books? You can answer me the truth. If you guys are wondering why because some friends in my class making a rumor that I am a worst author,they have ever met. Excuse for my words but they all are being fucking damn bitches.

So I'm wondering if you guys found their wattpad accounts in my place,what would you do in my place.

(A) : Ignore them.

(B) : Report their accounts and get revenge

I am sorry if I'm being dramatic. I got negative thoughts in that problem. It makes me a little sick in thoughts of it because they betrayed me more like stab my back when I trust them. Hell,I even change my wattpad account because of this. This account is my second account.

Welp. Let's not say more about my past. I'm apologize if you guys hoped that's the new chapter.

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