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You try to look for the certain purple haired boy that you save from a demon.

Hitoshi was a little disappoint about his lost.He was lost in thoughts and didn't notice that the thirteen years old girl stand in front of him.

"Are you still alive?"Hitoshi blink his eyes a bit as he snap out of his thoughts.

"Yo"You said to the boy who is surprise to see you.

"Tokito-San"Hitoshi said your name in surprise.

"Call me Y/N"Hitoshi nod at your request.

"That battle was horrible.Isn't it?"Hitoshi ask you bitterly.You shake your head.

"You did your best.That's all I care"That make the boy surprise."You know.I am quirkless"Hitoshi look at you in disbelieve.

"That's true.I train......Train hard enough to cough blood"You told Hitoshi who was gasp what you just said to him.

Train until you cough your blood?That make Hitoshi start to respect you.

"You can be hero.I saw your talent"You bluntly told Shinso.

"I ask Aizawa to train you.I can help with your stamina"You continues but you saw tears falling from Shinso eyes.

"Why are you crying?Did I say something wrong?"You ask Hitoshi who shake his head.

"It just you are the only one who thought I can be hero"Hitoshi explain and wipe his tears with his hands.

You hand him tissue.Hitoshi took it and wipe his tears.

"I am not going to easy on you at my training"Hitoshi grinned."Sure.Good luck at the sport festival"You hum.

"I don't know.I will forgot what ever happens"You told Hitoshi who sweat drop at you.

"Are you going to be fine?Your next battle is that Iida or whatever"

"I don't remember.I was looking for you and forgot about that"You bluntly told Hitoshi who drag you where the next battle you and Iida was.

"What is that thing called again?"Hitoshi sighed.He only know you like ten minutes and he felt like he is your mother.

"Here"You stand in front of the end of the tunnel."Then I am going"Hitoshi wave at you.

You lazily drag yourself to the stage."We have Iida Tenya from 1-A hero course and Tokito from 1-A hero course!!!"The crowds start to cheer at your entry.

"So loud"You muttered as you cover your ears.

"Tokito-San!Please don't hold back!!"Iida told you as he do his hand signs.

"Okay"You blankly nod at Iida request.

"Oh!Friendly request!!I like it!!!"Midnight slam her whips to the ground.

"The battle start in 3!!!!2!!!1!!!"

You easily Iida who charge at you to get out of the stage.

Iida who continues to try to get out of the bounds as you continue to dodge with a little bit zone out.

"Please attack me seriously!!"Iida bit his lip.

"Okay"You unsheathe your katana with was hanging to your belt showing your mint green and light red at tip sword.

"Breath Of Moon,Ninth Form:Warning Moonswaths"

You create endless stream of slashes from the long rage as Iida who tried to get close to you.

The wind is powerful enough to make Iida got out of the stage making you the winner.

"Good fight"Iida took his hand for a handshake as you do the same.

"What a friendly fight yet scary!!!"The crowds cheer at your winning.

"Tokito-San?"Iida sweat drop at you zone out ignoring the crowds.

You are strange to others.It's like something told them that you are strong.Strong enough to be the pro hero immediately and yet same time you hide something.

That's what Iida and others want to solve.'Tokito Y/N'The same name as youngest talented swordsman he admire with his brother when he was young.

The child with in her thirteen sacrifice herself in order to kill the demon king.

That's what others admire you and the demon slayer corps members.

Yet he didn't know what disaster is going to happen in future.

My.Lady look at the girl in front of her as the girl zone out."Is she really the girl who participated in sport festival?"Mt.Lady ask Kamui Woods and DeathArms who nod at her answer.

"You are Tokito Y/N,right?"Kamui ask you."Why are you here at the pro heroes restroom?"Death Arm continues.

"I'm lost"You answer truth.The three heroes couldn't believe what you just said.

"I forgot the way to my class"You answer while looking at the flower.

"What is the name of that flower again?"

"It's (Favorite Flower)"Mt.Lady answer as she stand beside you.

"It's familer"You thought.Mt.Lady chuckle a little bit when she saw your confused face.

Small smile appear on three heroes face.

"Do you like them?"Kamui ask you."That flower is familer...."You answered at Kamui question.

"I will forgot anyways"That make others look at you in question.

"I can show the way back where your class is"Mt.Lady told you."Then please show me the way"You clean imaginary dust from your uniform.

Mt.Lady look closer to you.Your dull mint green eyes that can draw anyone attention to you.Simply she love your eyes.

"There you are Y/N-Chan!!!"Midoriya and Uraraka run to you.

"We have been looking for you!!"Uraraka told you as she took a deep breath heavily.

"Sorry.I lost my way after the battle with Iida"You said to Uraraka and Midoriya.

"It seem like you found your friends"My.Lady told you in motherly tone.

You nod."Then goodbye for now.Good luck at sport festival!"

"Y/N-Chan!!Is that My.Lady?"Uraraka gasp in surprise.

Midoriya and Uraraka ask you to answer to them while you was in your thoughts.

Is she remembering some piece of her memories?That is quite good yet trouble for you.

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