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"Yui-Nii!Mui-Nii!"The ten years old girl shouted her brother's name in worry.There a demon that cut Yuichiro left arm.

Many hours passed,Muichiro and Y/N huff and pant a bit as they look at the demon that you two kill.

"Yui-Nii"You drag yourself where your brother was.You body didn't obay you.You and Muichiro hand toward where Yuichiro was.

Your eyes wide open."A dream?"You thought as you put your right hand to your head."More like memory"You muttered.

You smell something delicious and you lazily go where the smell was.

"You are up"Aizawa holding two plates.You only nod.Aizawa place on of the plates in front of you.

"I don't know which breakfast Taisho Period people eat so I simply make becon and eggs"Aizawa slip his coffee.You took a bit as your eyes went sparkles.

"It's good"You told Aizawa."After you done eating you are going to attend U.A with me"You gulp orange juice.

"I will forgot anyways"That make Aizawa sweat drop at your Tokito side.Your mint green eyes look at Aizawa who sigh and screach his neck.

"Here.Your uniform"You look at the uniform."Can I wear pants?"."Do whatever you want"That make you satisfied as you walk to your room.

You change your demon slayer uniform and wear U.A uniform."Maybe I can make that my hero costume"You muttered as you put your sword where your belt was.

You walk out of your room and there Aizawa was waiting for you."You are in time"Aizawa open the door while you ignored him.

"The students that I teach are two years older than you"Aizawa warn you as you look at the sky.

You hum at his warning.You ignored other students look at you while looking at the big door.

"Is this door for titans?"Aizawa chuckles a bit at your bluntness.

"Come in when I call your name"Aizawa slide the door leaving you alone.


"Everyone take a seat!!!"Iida told others as he do his weird hand signs as the door slide open.

"You are the one who standing"

"Damn it!!"Iida take a seat in blink of eyes.

"I look at yesterday training.Bakugo stop being a child.You have talent"

"I know"Bakugo huff angrily at Aizawa warning.

"Midoriya.Control your Quirk.You can't always go to Recovery Girl and always tell others 'I can't control my Quirk'".

Midoriya look down."Y-Yes"Midoriya replied.

"There's two things that I want to tell you all.We have transfer student.She is younger than you all but she can catch you guys in blink of eyes.Tokito,come in"The door slide open showing you.

"Introduce yourself"You look at 1-A.

"Tokito Y/N"You introduce yourself."Tokito sit beside Bakugo"You hum a bit.

"Who is Bakugo?"."That's me!!!!"You look at the spiky hair boy and look back to Aizawa.

"Can I change my seat?He is loud"You pointed at Bakugo who had ink marks on his head.

"ARE YOU CHALLENGING ME YOU KID!!!?!"You cover your ears as you blankly look at Bakugo.

"I am telling the truth"

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