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"Kids,I am worried about you"There the elderly man sit on the big rock as the two silblings look at the man.Mint green eyes that filled with no emotion.

"Will anyone ever understand you two?How much you two have gone through and how you two worked so hard you started coughing blood.How close you've cut it.How uneasy you are because of your brother amnesia yet you remember your sister and protect each other.Will anyone understand?Whenever I see the swords that I made for you,tears come out of my eyes"The two silblings didn't say nothing but still bluntly look at the man.

"I don't have long to live.I'm not old enough to start fearing death but you're making me worried"The old man continues.

You open your eyes and greet by white ceiling of the hospital."A memory?"You muttered.

"You are awake"You look at Aizawa who is covering with bandages.

You can sense that Aizawa can see you through his bandages so you nod for his question.

"How long I was out?"You pull out the needle that hanging your arm making Aizawa worries you.

"Don't do that!You have been asleep for two days"Aizawa put the cloth on where the blood was.

"It will heal anyways"You muttered as the doctor enter."Tokito-San"You look at the doctor.

"The poison that sparding your body yet it's a miracle that you didn't die.You can go to home if you want to since you have no longer in danger"The doctor told you as you stand up.

"Where is my katana?"You start to panic a bit.Aizawa hand the familer sword making you sigh in realif.

"Let's go home"You say nothing as you follow Aizawa.There Present Mic was waiting for you and Aizawa.

You quietly sit back as Aizawa sit front while Hizashi was driving.The tension was so heavy.

"Is that sword important to you?"Aizawa broke the silent as he look at you with the mirror.

"Someone made this blade while the hakama was the only one that my brother give to me"You answer getting attention to the two heroes.

After that nobody say nothing.Surprising to Aizawa since Hizashi always noisy.

The car ride was long for Present Mic and Aizawa.


The next morning was the same like other days.You went downstairs and make simple becon and eggs.Talking a bit with Aizawa and go to school.

You look at the big door hearing the loud noice from the other side.

"Sup"Aizawa open the door and enter first while you follow behind.

"Aizawa-Sensei!Y/N-Chan!!!"Others shout in sync.You cover you ears.

"Aren't you two resting!?"

"You two are too much pro!!"

"That not important.The battle is not over...."You sit on your desk as you know what Aizawa going to say.

The atmosphere was heavy.You can guess that others thought like "More villains?"

"Yuuei Sport Festival is coming!"You snickered a bit when others cheer.

"A normal event!!"

Jiro was worry about the villains as Aizawa explain about the security.You torn one page as you make paper airplane.

"Tokito.Stop making paper airplane"You ignored Aizawa who sigh.

The time went quickly as girls surround you."You are so cool when you fight the mist villain!I though you are a pro!!"You look at Uraraka.

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