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You got hug in blink of eyes by your brother.You felt your shoulder was wet because of tears falling from Muichiro eyes.

"I-I th-thought I lost you"Muichiro shutter for the first time.Tears fall from your eyes as you hug him back.

"I sorry for leaving you"The pro hero look at the two silblings awardly.You two stop crying a few minutes later.

"Others Hashiras are here too"You look at your brother in disbelieve."Seriously"Muichiro nod and pat your head.

You smile cutely.The smile only for your brothers.Hawks heart skip when he saw you smile for the first time.

So innocent yet deadly if she is angry.

"By the way N/N...Who is that bird?"Muichiro pointed at Hawks who felt deja vu.

"The hero I got intership.He know that we are from the past"


In the Hawks office the eleven people sit on chairs or sofa."You mean we are fanboymently in the future,right?"Uzui Tengen,the sound piller broke the silent.

"And Kibutsuji is here"Sanemi finish."Poor thing"Gyomei pray with tears falling from his eyes.

Hawks look at each piller in front of him.Every single famous person in history is in front of him making the wing hero nervous.

"What is that shiny thing called again?"The two silblings said in sync as they look at the object with mint green emotionless eyes.

"Hum!Let's introduce ourselves!My name is Rengoku Kyojuro,the Flame Hashira!"

"Kocho Shinobu,The Insect Hashira"

"Uzui Tengen,The Sound Hashira and God of Festivals"

"Shinazugawa Sanemi,The Wind Hashira"

"Himejima Gyomei,The Stone Hashira.Poor thing"

"Kanroji Mitsuri,The Love Hashira"

"Tsk.Obanai Iguro,The Serpant Hashira"

"Tomioka Giyuu,The Water Hashira"

"Muichiro Tokito,The Mist Hashira.If you touch my sister then I'll kill you"

"As protective brother as ever.How lovely!"Mitsuri fan girl.

"As you know.My name is Hawks number three hero"

"Do you guys across (Mountain Name)for the mission?"Others Hashiras nod what you ask them.

Sanemi open his mouth to answer but you beat him."That's how I get to the future"

"It's bad"Obanai said getting others attention."Our crows can go to the past.I wrote letter to Oyakata Sama"Shinobu told others.

"That's might be dangerous"You muttered."What dangerous?"Hawks ask them.

"Oh.You don't know yet.Same with Y/N-Chan.Well,Y/N-Chan good news your brother got his memories back and....."

"War"Obanai told Hawks who wide his eyes in shock."Right now.There's only three Upper moons and Kibutsuji is in 20XX"Muichiro explain as you listen carefully.

"Oyakata and others will be here in next week"Giyuu told you all as he show them the letter.

Tears fall from your eyes.You surprise and happy the same time what Shinobu told you that your brother gain his memories back.

"Is it true?"You look at your brother who smile gently at you.You hip cup a bit as your brother comfort you.Telling sweet thing to you as he hug you making you calm down a bit.

Hashiras and the hero look at the two silblings with small smile.

You and Hashiras at Yuuei meeting with others heroes.Nezu and Hawks cancelled your internship for a day without others knowing.

You look at Nezu who shakily drinking his tea.You can see his eyes are sparkles when he saw you ten.

But that stopped when others explaining about the war between humans and demons......without quirks.

That war that can happen right now if they wanted to.

"I see"Nezu said as he calmly look at you all as the others heroes tried to process what you guys told them.


"That's impossible!!"

Sanemi took a deep breath."SHUT THE FUCK UP!!"Others heroes shut their mouth.

"I suggest you all that Muichiro-Kun is going to the same class with 1-A"Hawks told Nezu who hum in agreement.

Nezu agree what Hawks said.Nezu sad a bit.He and others know who will die and who will live in Demon Slayer Corps.Yet they all are headstrong risk their live to protect them.

They are like the pro heroes to all to the others in the meeting room.

"Then it's decided.Muichiro-Kun is going to the same class with Y/N-Chan and others Piller's are going to stay at the house we guys will made for you"

The Hashiras and you didn't say nothing but nod what Nezu told you all.He was correct.

The man who cover half of his face with purple skin making him blind to see took the letter from the crow.

"Can you read it me?"One of the twins open the letter."The letter said......"

"Oyakata Sama.I hope you are in good health.We all go (Mountain Name)
strangely we are at 20XX right now.Where Kibutsuji and others twelve demons exist in that year.Also,Tokito Y/N is in future too.

I think the war will begin at the future so we all beg you and others come to (Mountain Name) to go to future since we all tried to go back but it was no use.

Only our crows can go back to the past.I am sorry for my rudeness what I say in the letter...Shinobu"

The man hum."Prepare to go to (Mountain Name) in next week"

"Yes"The twins said in sync.

You and Muichiro cross your arm and look at Hawks and Tokoyami who stare back at you two silblings.

You and Muichiro cross your arm and look at Hawks and Tokoyami who stare back at you two silblings

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"You mean my sister is still going to internship with you"Hawks lazily nod what Muichiro said to him.

"Y/N.Who is he?"Tokoyami pointed at your brother."My brother, Muichiro Tokito"You answered.

Tokoyami nod.He knows what about you two since Hawks explain you two to him.Tokoyami even supected when your name was the same with the youngest talented swordsman in the history.

"Let's sleep today since Y/N and me are going to Hosu tomorrow"You and Muichiro went to your room.

"Mui-Nii.Cuddle me when I am sleeping"Muichiro chuckles a bit.You didn't change.

Being hug by your brother make you calm down and greet by darkness.

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