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"Let's see.Right,summer break is fast approaching but of course,it stands to reason none of you have enough leeway to just relax for thirty"Aizawa spoke up as he look at the papers.

"Could it be?!"Kaminari look behind where Kirishima who look back at him with a lot of sweat just like him.

"We're going to a summer break forest lodge"


You and Muichiro look at others who still exicided about training camp.Did they still don't know that the hellish training will be waiting?

You look at Muichiro who look back at you As if you two are talking in your minds.You shake your head as Muichiro sigh at others who is acting idiotically.

"There's one week until the final exam.You all are studying probably,right?I'm sure you already know,but it won't be a written exam.There's also practical component.Make sure you train your
mind and bodies at the same time.I almost forgot.Tokito silblings,you guys don't have to participate in written exam.You guys will only take practical exam.That all"Mina and Kaminari smile was scary to you.

As soon as Aizawa left they both open their mouth and you cover your ears with Muichiro.


"With sport festival and internship experience and everything,I never stopped to study"Kaminari hold his head.

"I am jealous of you silblings"Mina whined."You thought that"You muttered.It all clear to you and Muichiro.

Every stress will start at the practical exam that you and Muichiro going to take.

"Did you forgot that they are thirteen and fourteen years old?"Sero said to Mina.

"We are doomed!"

"If you two have hard time then I can help you with studying expect the practical exam"Yaoyorozu sulk when she said 'Practical exam'.

Sero,Jiro and Ojiro joins."Then we can help you to train"You stepped in."Then I am coming too"Muichiro hug you behind and dead glare at every single boy in your class.

"Thank you,Y/N-Chan, Muichiro-Kun!"Mina and Kaminari bow you two 90°.

How can they refuse when you got number one at the sport festival and they still don't know Muichiro sword skill but they might be as strong as you.

"Then when will we start?"You and Muichiro zoned out just like regular.

"Y/N-Chan!Muichiro-Kun!"You two snap out of you guys dream land.

"Are you two free at Saturday?"Ojiro ask you two.You and Muichiro nod."Then it decided!"Mina grinned.

"What is going to happen at the practical exam?"Kaminari sulk as he poke the wall.

"If you want to know about the exam then three senpais from third year told me that it the same as entrance exam"You told others.Kaminari immediately light up the mood.

"It's so easy!!!"Muichiro narrow his eyes when Kaminari and Mina begin a little bit cocky about the practical exam.

"Don't become too happy.It can change like we have to fight agaist teachers"You told others as you was a little bit annoyed at their lazy attitude.

"Sorry..."Mina and Kaminari said in sync.What you told them is true.


You and others look at the massive mansion in front of you all."Is this really right address?"Jiro ask Ojiro who slowly nod.

"It's big"You and Muichiro said in sync.Mina ring the bell.

"Everyone you are already here!Come in!"

The gate open as you all walk to the mansion.

"Welcome to my home!"Yaoyorozu welcome you all exicitly as she lead where you all are going to shet library.

"Since Y/N-Chan and Muichiro-Kun don't have to study.You can read some books from here!"You both nod and went to look for some books that can entertain you.

"Mui-Nii...."Muichiro hum to tell you continue."..I met Kibutsuji at Hosu"."I see"You are a little shocked that Muichiro don't surprise or shout at you.

You was greet by his warm hug."I am happy that you still alive and call my name"You smile and hug him back.

"Don't worry.I won't die at the war.That's why promise me one thing"Muichiro look at your eyes.

"You must not die when you fought against upper moons or Kibutsuji at the war"You stick out your pinky finger.

"Still childish"Muichiro stick out his pinky finger as you two make the promise to live.

Time Skip (Two hours later)

Yaoyorozu lead you all where the training room was.Your eyes wonder at the large space.

"Since Y/N-Chan and Muichiro-Kun going to train us.I was too much exicided.Please don't hold back"You both nod sync.

"We wasn't planning to"That time others know....they fucked up.

You lazily look at others who was panting hard as the still run 67 laps around the training room.

Muichiro was a little bit disappointed.If they try to update their strength and speed.How can they become a pro like this speed?

"Stop.You all can have ten minutes break"Others walk to the desk where the water bottle was.

"Damn.You guys training are hard!"Kaminari and Mina whined.

Your eyes went dark."If you don't use to this then what will happen to you all at the practical exam?"That makes Kaminari and Mina whining shut up.

"Then let's start the training"Muichiro starts.

You both smile sadistically."Since we all have one week for the exams.Welcome to the hell"

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