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"Caw! Emergency summon! Emergency summon!Attack at Ubuyashiki estate!Attack at Ubuyashiki estate!!"

That makes every single Piller's expect Rengoku and Uzui run to the Ubuyashiki estate that heroes made for him.

They all left confused face of heroes at Yuuei."War have started..."Rengoku and Uzui said in sync as they look down.

They really wanted to help you but that's isn't time for this.The door slam open showing Shinjuro,the new heir of Ubuyashiki and his sister.

They all take a sit ignoring others.They put the paper with eye symbol on their head.

"Oyakata Sama!Oyakata Sama!I see it the Mansion!I'll make it.I'll m-"The explosion make the house burn everysingle living people or thing in Ubuyashiki estate.

Blood and burnt smell was cover the whole forest making Sanemi and others wide eyes.

They didn't reach in time.

That won't make them lose hope.They still have chance to kill Muzan.Everyone reach once mansion of Ubuyashiki and there Himejima was battling with Muzan.

"You bitch.What the fuck did you do to Oyakata Sama!"

"Oyakata-Sama!"Kanroji and Obanai said in sync.

"It's Kibutsuji Muzan!He won't die even if you cut his head off!"Himejima warned others.

"Breath Of Mist,Fourth Form..."

"Breath of Insect: Butterfly Dance"

"Breath Of Snake,First Form.."

"Breath Of Love,Fifth Form..."

"Breath of Water,Third Form.."

"Breath Of Wind,Seventh Form.."

"Dance Of The Fire God,Sunflower lance..."

Muzan smirked as door of Nakime or Biwa demon makes others fall to the infinity castle of hers.


In somewhere in the hidout,the girl with black hair and turquoise at tip slowly open showing her mint green eyes.

"Finally you are awake"You look at that person."Where am I?"Y/N thought as she look at her surrounding.

That stop when she saw Bakugo was the same situation as him."Tokito Y/N.I have been waiting for you"Shigaraki said exicitly like a child who found their favorite toy.

You ignored him and others villains much to their dislike."Hey!Don't ignore us!"Twice shouted switching his personality without him knowing.

"That's strange that I only hear bugs talking"You said out loud purpose.
"You-If it wasn't Stain ideas to you then I already kill you"Spinner muttered making Bakugo look at you in confusion but he hide it very well.

"Who knows that I can break this chain and kill every single of people in this room"You threatened as your eyes went dark.

Everything stop and Shigaraki laugh."You are right,Upper Moon One-San"The last name that Shigaraki said makes your eyes wide.

Much to your displeasure your katana wasn't on your belt.That's a huge problem for you.You can't protect Bakugo like this.

The figure in the dark walk to the light.It was the man with six eyes and a katana on his waist.More interesting this was the middle of his two eyes wrote Upper Moon One.

The man look at you."Demon Slayer.What's your name?"Bakugo eyes wide what the man ask you.

You calm yourself to hide your fear.You can feel every demon that you killed before was like baby right now.

"Tokito Y/N"

The man close his eyes."I see.Tsugikuni name is no longer exist in your family"."Huh?".

Shigaraki and Toga giggle at this scene that they wanted to watch."I'm your ancestor"Your eyes wide in disbelief as Bakugo look at you.He suspicious that you are from the past.

That all become true when he listen what you and Todoroki said at the cafe he always went.

You look at Kokushibo with hateful look."Even hundred years passed your blood isn't in my body anymore.Such a shame to a traitor"It happened so fast

Kokushibo draw out his sword and stab your left shoulder.You bit your lips not to get others wanted."Chibi!"Bakugo said your name in worry.

A hand clap was heard."Bravo.It's good scene.Y/N if you want to know more...The war have already start"

"War? Mui-Nii?!Is he okay?!"You thought as you shook a little bit of your thought.He promised.Muichiro never broke his promise to you.

"But it's all become boring now.So let's play game with Upper Moon One,you and Bakugo Katsuki"

"You bitch.Don't drawn in this mass of us"You hissed at the blue haired villain.

Shigaraki ignored you.The biwa sound was heard and you all are in the infinity castle of Nakime.(The place where Kokushibo and Muichiro met)

"The rule is simple.We'll give your katana back.You and Bakugo Katsuki will attack Kokushibo-San"Kurogiri explain the rules.

"Much to our displeasure.Bakugo and we will go back to our hidout after two minutes passed"Dabi continues lazily.

"That time you two can kill each other!"Toga said as she giggles crazily.

You look down but you must agree.It only take two minutes to get Bakugo to safter place.Then you will gladly take the bet.

You look at Shigaraki and others who wait for the answer of yours."Fine".

"That's decided"A large exicided smile form Shigaraki face.Others get rid out of you and Bakugo chain.Kurogiri give your katana back as you can fight freely since you are in your demon slayer uniform.

"Bakug-"The explosion boy didn't listen to your words as he charge at Kokushibo using his left hand to fly.He shot a large shot of explosion.(Just like he did to Uraraka last idea to defeat him in Sport festival)

"Idoit!"You shouted as you run to him using your breathing style.Kokushibo unsheathe his sword in the smoke as you run faster to Bakugo.

"Breath Of Moon,First Form:Dark Moon-Evening Palace"

Blood cover Bakugo face as he regret what he done without your warning.You was paying price for his arrogant.

Your lower left hand was cut off cleanly by Kokushibo as your blood start to drip to the floor.You torn your haroi and tie with your mouth and pointed at Kokushibo while Bakugo was behind you.

You torn your haroi and tie with your mouth and pointed at Kokushibo while Bakugo was behind you

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(Just like this👆)

"Play time is over for the boy"Spinner said out loud enough others to hear.Purple warp surround villains and Bakugo.You turned to Bakugo with sad smile as the explosion boy have fear in his eyes.

You lip sync in one word as warp of Kurogiri engulfed Bakugo.


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