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"For the foundational skills of heroics
we'll study today....It was decided you'll be supervised by a three man team including me,All Might and someone else "

"Sensei!What will we be doing?!"Sero raised his hand asking Aizawa.

"..be the hero everyone needs, whether.It's a flood or any other disaster.It's a trial of rescue!"Aizawa explains as he show the with card say 'Rescue'.

"I want to make airplane with papers"You thought as you still look at Aizawa who was explaining while others are talking a bit.

"Don't ahead of yourselves.As I was saying,this time,it's entirely up each of you to wear your costume or not.Some of your costume probably aren't adapted to the task at hand,after all.The training area is fairly far away,so we'll get there by bus.That's all"You grab the box that write '21'.

Your hero uniform was simple just demon slayer uniform and black haori.

"Y/N Chan.You look cute and cool at same time!!"Mina fan girl a bit.You look cute in her and other girls eyes.

"Thanks Mina San"You thanks her as you look at the sky.

"How come you're in your gym clothes,Deku?"Uraraka ask Midoriya who was nervous a bit.

You walk to Midoriya and pat his back to calm down."Breath.."Midoriya look at surprise a bit but he listen you.

"Thanks Y/N-Chan"You nod."What your name?"You ask broccoli boy."Midoriya Izuku"You hum at his answer.

"Everyone!!Take a seat with according to your numbers!!!"Iida do his hand signs as you look at him blankly.

"Iida-Kun.Is full of his energy"Midoriya sweat drop while looking at Iida.


"So it's ended up being this kind of bus anyways!!!"Iida shout as he grab his hair.You sit beside Todoroki who was sleeping.

"Hey Midoriya.I always say what's on your mind"

"Asui San!"Midoriya finches.

"Call me Tsu-Chan"You took a note of that nickname.

"Your Quirk reminds me of All Might"That make Midoriya nervous and hair went up like Aizawa.

"He's bad at lying"You thought as you look at Midoriya.

"T-T-Th-That so?H-ha-ha.Mine isn't like-"

"Wait up Asui.All Might never get's hurt.That's where different between them"Kirishima told her not noticing he defense Midoriya secret.

"I'm jealous of you guys Quirk through.My Quirk 'Hardening' isn't bad for punch but it isn't flashy"Kirishima explain.

"That's not true.You Quirk is useful for both defense and offense"You told Kirishima bluntly as you make airplane paper.

"Thanks Y/N!"Kirishima smile brightly showing his shark teeth.

"My navel laser is both flashy and strong enough for the pro level"Aoyama huffed.

"But if you use too much you hurt your stomach"Mina teases as dark aura surround Aoyama.

"If we talk about flashy quirks that must be Bakugo,Y/N and Todoroki"

"Bakugo is always fuming so he won't be popular"Asui bluntly told them.

"You bitch!!I can be popular,too!!!"Bakugo shout at Asui.

"See"Asui pointed at Bakugo.

"Asui-San.I am Quirkless"You told the girl."But that doesn't matter you climb U.A with you are only 13 years old"Midoriya told you.

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