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The five training in heroes gasp when the camera show where you and Tanjiro were.You look horrible,your whole right face got heavily burned as your lower left arm got cut off.

Bakugo felt guilty for the first time for his arrogant.If he listen what your warning before he attacked Kokushibo maybe your lost arm would be there.

Todoroki's eyes wide as he only watch you.Same with Yaoyorozu,Iida and Kirishima who don't understand the situation with others expect the trio.

"Bakubro.What's happening?Is she really Y/N?"Bakugo couldn't answer,no he even couldn't hear nothing.

His face turned into fear."That is Y/N.I don't want to tell this to you guys but..."Three training in heroes wide their eyes when Midoriya finished the line.

"...Y/N-Can was from the past,Taisho Period.She always protect from us when demons appear this world"

Iida, Yaoyorozu and Kirishima froze.All the time,you protect them with Muichiro while they all are laughing happily without knowing nothing.

Guilt filled their stomach."Stop being like Chibi is dead.She's still alive"Bakugo told others.

He don't suspicions on you,not even once.You are the hero he admitted ever since he was young.

Five training in heroes look at the live with hopeful eyes.

"Please be safe,Y/N-San|Y/N-Chan|Y/N|Chibi"

Three pillers.The water piller,The serpent piller and the love piller to be exact thought different as they attack Muzan.

Tomioka need a new sword.He look for the water breath user sword who is already dead while Obanai tried to look for Muzan weakness.

They got scratch by Muzan."So you can move ,Hashira...I suppose the mask one won't die easily"

"Forgot about being hit.I've got to do everything I can to stop him!"Mitsuri thought as she bow lower to dodge Muzan whip which was mostly she would be cut in half if she didn't noticed.

"KANROJI!"Obanai shouted in worry.

"Please!Just take care of yourself!!"Mitsuri reassure the serpent Hashira.

The certain weapon stop the next attack of Muzan.It was Himejima's weapon.

"Sorry for being late"Hamejima swing his weapon in circle.

"It's the demon hunter that took out Kokushibo"Muzan thought as his eyes wide when the katana stan his head.

It was Sanemi.The wind piller cut Muzan in half but the demon lord got regenerate immediately after Sanemi cut Muzan.Muzan took a stance to kill Sanemi.

Sanemi throw the bottle which is oil bottle.Sanemi take the match and light it and throw it to Muzan.

"An underhand play"

"This kind of thing suits you.I'll kill you!You piece of shit!"Sanemi cursed.Genya and Muichiro sacrificed theirselves to make opening of Kokushibo.Thank to god that they both didn't lose their life.

Muichiro lost both of his legs making him not to join the war anymore while Genya was heavily injured.

At far away Murata and the five heroes hide as Murata and Hawks look at the battle.

"Murata,Hawks!"The Demon hunter and the number three hero finched when Giyuu shouted to them for once.

"Tanjiro and Y/N can't move!Please go treat their wounds in a safe place!"

Murata carried Tanjiro while Hawks do the same thing to you."Kiddo.It's all right.I'll take you over there and treat your wounds"

Hawks bit inside of his cheek in furiously.For god sakes he's a hero yet he couldn't do nothing.He felt this hopeless for the first time.He couldn't keep his promise to you and Muichiro.

"Don't lose hope yet"Grand Torino told the wing hero as if he know what Hawks is thinking.

Six of them move somewhere safe.Murata pressed Tanjiro to get his heart beat again.Same with you.

Murata listen but he couldn't hear nothing since his heart was beating so loud.Same with five heroes who was trying to get your conscious back.


The other demon hunter shouted in surprise while Hawks and others finched a bit.

"Thank god.You are still alive.Take them to Yushirou!You know he can do amazingly crazy things!So hurry up,let's go!!"

Muzan's attacks were getting fiercer.

Kanroji was going to sacrifice herself but the fast attack of Muzan make her almostlose her left ear.It was lucky that the wound was her left cheek which the wound have where her chin to near her left ear.

Obanai run where the love piller was while the three pillers stop Muzan,giving Kanroji to have some time to get first aid.

Somewhere where Tanjiro and You,Obanai carried Kanroji there.

All Might,Edgeshot,Endeavor,Grand Torino and Hawks eyes wide."First Aid now!"

"Yes!"The Kakushi said in nervous.

"Look for the slant eye member who have these papers!His name is Yushirou"Obanai hand the eye that draw in the paper.

"Wait..I can still fight...I'll make sure not to hold anyone back this time"Kanroji gasp as she told Obanai.

"It's okay.You have done enough"The serpent piller reassure the girl.

"No I wasn't useful to anyone.I can't die like this.Hah"

"Take care of the rest"


"Wait!I am going too,Iguro-San!No, please!Don't die,Iguro-San!I don't want anyone to die anymore!"

Obanai run where Muzan and others were as his past repeat in his mind.

"Kanroji.If we reincarnated as human beings into a world without demons,then I will definitely tell you that I love you"

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