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''His kicks and slashes and divids up sections to my body. It's hindering my
immediate regeneration. But whatever that happens,the time he buys only amounts to the blink of an eye"Muzan thought as Obanai dash to him in fast speed.

Giyuu movements got slopped when he know you and Tanjiro died. Giyuu gasp in a little bit surprise when he accidentally let go of his katana.

"My grip..it's already"No body can blame when you fight for since yesterday night to almost the sunrise.

The stamina of Demon Slayers corps slowly reach to their limits as they didn't stop.

They wanted to make others stay peacefully not to lose someone important person like them. That's why they won't give up even if it kills them.

Muzan slashes aimed at Tomioka but Obanai and Himejima save the water Hashira. Giyuu look at Obanai and Himejima in dazed.

He snap out his thoughts when his katana throw to the ground. It was Sanemi work.

"Don't space out now!!!Or I'll murder your ass!!!"Giyuu bit his tongue as he grip his sword again.

"You can still do this!Pull yourself together!!You're the water pillar!!Fight without shame until the end!!"

Muzan look at the demon Slayers while his whips are still fighting against them while the demon was dodging some pillars attacks.

"They're more persistent than I imagined. But they'll all get destroyed soon. There's an hour and fourteen minutes until the dawn. It won't even take five minutes for their cells to break down and die. Oh,humans.Despite struggling again and again. They'll come to the end"

Blood and slowly their skins melt to the demon slayers face as the people who watch gasp in surprise.

Their eyes held confusion, surprise and something.

"Shit,We won't last until dawn!!!"Himejima cursed for the first time.

"I'll claw at him even if his head's the only thing left!!!"Sanemi cursed as he cough out blood yet continues to use his wind breathing to fight against Muzan.

Giyuu cough out blood as blood dropped from Obanai mouth."The poison's cirulating faster because my body is small.Fuck!"The serpent pillar cursed his body for being small and useless in these situations.

The familer cat jumped as something stab the demon slayers body. It was the healing potion that Tamayo made for the battle.

Muzan killed the cat with his whips cutting the cat in half.Sanemi realized that his face was healing as he dodge Muzan whips.

"I have no idea what the fuck just happened but that stray cat just save my ass!!!"Sanemi laughed he tried to make the mood a little bit lighter.

Hair bangs cover Muzan eyes."That damn Tamayo again.Tamayo did it again huh?She even created a serum to stop my cell destruction"Muzan muttered as he feel like he wanted to kill Tamayo again.

"Don't struggle in vain!!!Just die like mwn,you obsessed freaks!!!"Muzan's attacks got faster.

Sanemi and Obanai dodge Muzan attack as the demon attack missed them only two cms.

Obanai decided something. A way that would make his katana turned into bright red. Just like what Tokito siblings did.

"That moment Tokitos could do was grip their sword as strong as they can. The temperature probably increased because of the strong impact. The blade shone red because that power activated when they were driven to the brink of death. That grip power of a vise"Bandages that the Serpent pillar once wore was already lost without knowing.

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