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After the sport festival you and Todoroki went to a cafe just like you promise to Todoroki.

Todoroki look at the girl who sit in front of him."Ask me what do you want to know"You told Todoroki.

"Y/N.....Are you from the past?"You hum at Todoroki question."Why do you thought that?".

"You have same name that the same person I admire when I was young and your swordsman skills are flawless like a samurai teach you"Todoroki told you as you slip your F/D.

"You are right.I am from the past.Only some pro heroes,stuffs at U.A,Midoriya and you know about it"That make Todoroki interested.

"Then you are from Taisho period and one of the youngest talented swordsman"You nod what Todoroki said to you.

"Do you know demons?"Todoroki finches a bit what you just ask to him.

Todoroki nod.You sigh a bit."I tell you my past since you told yours to me and Midoriya"Todoroki start to listen what you are going to say next.

The person he admire since he was young was in front of him.Not even history know her past and right now she is going to tell hers to him.

"My father was a wood-cutter and I am his daughter,helped him cut the tress with my brother.It was a stormy day,my dad went to get medical herbs when he fall off a cliff and died.Mom caught a cold which turned into bronchitis,so she died.My parents
died when I was nine.Me and my brother was alone.No,we become alone when I was age of ten.My brother had a twin.His name is Yuichiro Tokito.I thought Yui-Nii hate me and Mui-Nii since he is cold to us.One day,Oyakata-Sama wife come she was pretty like a spirit.She say that we are descendants of the first breath user but Yui-Nii told her to get away.

Mui-Nii and Yuii-Nii fought and I was standing there do nothing but feeling scared.We all stop talking.Amane-San keep coming to our house.Yui-Nii pour water on her once me and Yui-Nii fought.Summer came and it was the day of my tenth birthday.
The door open when we are sleeping and demon come in"Todoroki gasp what you said to him.

"In blink of eyes he cut Yui-Nii left arm.His eyes were deep red.I felt something for first time.It was an intense anger.I actually don't remember what happened after that .I never thought how could I capable of howling as fiercely as I did.When me and Mui-Nij realized what happened,the demon was near dead.Even though,it's head got crushed,it was still struggling like it couldn't die.But the morning come up the demon crumbled into dust.Although me and Mui-Nii didn't care about that.Me and Mui-Nii wanted to go to Yui-Nii.But my body felt as heavy as I lead.Our house was in front of us.It took us several hours to get there.I still remember what Yui-Nii said to god.'Dear....gods...
please spare my brother and sister.They are really nice kids.They wanted to be useful and I got in their way.I'm only the bad one.If you're giving punishment just give it to me.I am the worse brother to them.I made them hurt on my sister's tenth birthday'.My brother got amnesia.He don't remember Yui-Nii and my parents yet he still remember me.We felt anger at the time.So we train..train until we cough blood.
My brother become Mist Hashira and I become his Tsuguko"You end.

Tears fall from Todoroki eyes without him noticing."What happened?Did I say something wrong?"You panic a bit.

Todoroki wipe his tears with tissue."No.Just it was painful"Todoroki answer truthfully.

Todoroki phone ring getting attention of him and you."My father is calling me.Bye"You wave back at Todoroki.The sun start to set.

You walk back to Aizawa's place easily.

"You are back, Kiddo"You nod at Aizawa."I will you when dinner is ready"You didn't say nothing as you went to your room.You lay yourself of the bed as you look at the ceiling.

"Mui-Nii.What are you doing right now?"

The boy with black hair and turquoise at tip went on next mission with other  pillers.It seem that Muzan disappear in (Mountain Name) the same place that his sister went.

Something inside him is telling that his sister is still alive so he believe it.He remember his past.He wanted to say sorry to you.

The eight Piller's didn't talk.It is something strange.Like they don't know what might happen.

The mist cover the whole mountain as they climb it.It start to clear and showing the modern building making others confused.

"Where is this place?"All of them said in sync.

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